Natalie Portman's 5 Greatest Achievements

by Alida Miranda-Wolff

People, I know you all love Tom Hiddleston and the Thor: The Dark World 's premiere is your chance to reconnect with your favorite sometimes hunky, always smarmy alien bad boy, but that does not mean you can just ignore Natalie Portman. The lady is back, and this time, her role as Jane Foster may demand the talent that earned her an Oscar for Black Swan. Sure, most of the time she's just a love interest/astrophysicist, but now that she has to go to Asgard and be a total fish out of water, it's likely she'll bring more to the character. Like panic, confusion, and perhaps even a little resourcefulness.

Because that's what Natalie Portman does! She charms you with her beautiful self while also turning crazy roles that shouldn't make sense into believable, compelling performances, all while never seeming pretentious, obnoxious, or out of her depth. With Thor: The Dark World, our favorite tiny dancer (yes, I did just go there) finally returns in a very big, very high-profile way. And you know what? That's where she belongs — in the spotlight. And for the dissenters out there, seriously, take a look at this list of her five best moments and keep dissenting. Seriously, I dare you.

5. When She Delivered Her Oscars Acceptance SpeechGracious, sweet, lovable. Take that, Anne Hathaway.

4. When She Did a Strip Tease in CloserRemember, she went to Harvard, and she's a very well-respected actress. So much for stereotypes of hot ladies.

3. When She Brought Awkward to a New Level on Between Two FernsYeah, so she just upstaged Zach Galifianakis on his own show by being even more awkward than him. I think that's what we in the industry (yes, I count) call talent.

2. When She Was the Black SwanNot going to lie, Black Swan is worth watching for the dance sequences alone.

1. When She Delivered the Best Rap in SNL HistoryShe's not a role model, and she never pretended to be.