7 Touching Amy Winehouse Documentary Trailer Moments That Prove 'Amy' Will Be An Emotional Watch

Attention Amy Winehouse fans: I have good news and bad news. First, you’ll be delighted to know that the official full trailer for the Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy is here — and every single moment I witnessed during the two minute, 15 second teaser indicates that the film will truly be a fascinating watch. Now, however, for the bad news: I must warn you that your nostalgic giddiness will be short-lived once you sit through the entire trailer for the documentary about the late singer’s life and career.

As someone who is totally enthralled by Winehouse’s vocal talent, it stings seeing the documentary depict her transition from a vibrant young woman who is always smiling, engaging and somewhat enthusiastic, to someone who becomes visibly unsettled, disconnected, and — at one point — angry enough to become physically violent. As unfortunate as it is that Winehouse's family doesn't support the documentary, it's undeniable that her musical influence lives on even though nearly four years have passed since her tragic death from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27.

That said, I have every intention of seeing Amy in its entirety, despite the inevitable sadness that I’m bound to experience while watching it.

Here are seven of the most touching moments from the Amy trailer that will make it impossible to turn away:

Seeing Moments From Her Childhood

That pout was too adorable for words.

Recording The End of "Back to Black"

The ending of "Back to Black" has always felt a bit haunting and sullen to me, but even Winehouse seemed taken aback by the emotion she conveys towards the end of the song, saying, "It's a bit upsetting at the end, isn't it?"

Seeing Her Smile

Once Winehouse grew more famous, seeing her smile (in public, at least) seemed to become an increasingly rare occurrence.

Her Reaction To Winning a Grammy

Again, how someone so obviously talented could be shocked at winning a Grammy is beyond me, but Winehouse's reaction that night was priceless.

Seeing Her Drink Onstage

It's unclear exactly what Winehouse was drinking at this moment, but, knowing that she passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning makes this scene difficult to witness.

The Time She Spent With Her Ex-Husband

Referring to her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil — with whom she shared a tumultuous relationship — Winehouse chillingly said, "I fell in love with someone who I would have died for."

Seeing Her Become Aggressive Towards the Paparazzi

Sadly, Winehouse constantly struggled to cope with the pressures of fame, which ironically enough, is something she says she never thought she'd achieve in the first place.

Here's the trailer:

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