Seeing 'Game Of Thrones' Men Without Beards Will Change Everything

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I never really realized how big a role facial hair played in Westeros until I saw how different Game of Thrones men look without their beards. This all started when I was talking Game of Thrones with my mother the other day, and she asked me who Renly Baratheon was. After telling her that he was Robert and Stannis Baratheon's brother didn't jog her memory, I very eloquently said, "You know, he was that guy with the beard" — and she promptly laughed in my face.

I took the moral high ground for actually knowing who Renly was, but she had a definite point: After all, Game of Thrones might be the hairiest show on television, because just about every single cast member of the fantasy epic is sporting a beard. Now, said facial hair runs the gamut from sparse scruff, a la Theon Greyjoy/Reek, to straight-up bearded madness, a la Tormund Giantsbane — hitting every level of beardiness in between.

But take those beards away and some of these characters are unrecognizable. Remember how shocking it was when Jaime Lannister went from bearded-prisoner to clean-shaven knight? Yeah, it's like that. Read on and prepare to be surprised by these fresh-faced fellows.

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