Where Do Rory's Good & Bad Decisions Intersect?

For the first season of Gilmore Girls , Rory was basically angelic. And, though she remained beloved throughout the series, it's hard to deny that, as she grew older, Rory got in touch with her inner Lorelai... which, in other words, is her rebellious side. Of course, this is all a part of growing up — we make mistakes and learn from them — but it was still unfathomable in Season 1 to think a straight-A student like Rory would ever go on to have an affair with a married man, drop out of college, or steal a yacht. (Ultimately, she did all three). It was hard to watch some of Rory's bigger stumbles (I know I'm not alone when I say college dropout Rory made me scream at my TV), but they were ultimately all part of Rory growing up. Plus, it's not like all of Rory's decisions were bad.

After all, Rory's the one who pushed her mother to continue Friday night dinners with Emily and Richard, she's the one who chose her dreams over a boy — not to mention, she's totally the one who worked really hard to make up for the time she spent away from school so she could still graduate on time. Just like in real life, sometimes Rory's good and bad decisions even intersected, and this only made her coming of age story more relatable.

In the interest of getting to know Gilmore Girls better, let's take a look at Rory's best and worst decisions, and see where the two meet.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle