Zendaya Encourages Tall Girls To Wear Heels

by Stephanie Chon

Given how Zendaya Coleman dealt with the Fashion Police drama in a very mature manner, it makes total sense that she’d be such a great role model for young teenagers who are struggling with their insecurities or dealing with haters. According to People Stylewatch, Zendaya Coleman offered body positive advice about being tall, encouraging her tall fans to wear heels and embrace their height. Coleman is 5'10, but that definitely doesn't stop her from wearing the highest of stilettos and she wants to encourage her fellow tall chicas to work it in their heels, too.

I understand that there are definitely struggles that come with being a tall girl — Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss probably know all about it — but whatever insecurities you have about your height, you definitely should not let that dictate what you wear. Sure, your pants may always look tapered or your dates are often shorter than you, but when it comes to whether or not you should wear heels, Coleman wants you to forget the stigma and wear what you want! "I always tell my fans that people are going to comment on your height regardless, so you might as well be as tall as possible and look good doing it!"

A lot of the time, looks can be all about the confidence you hold and how you choose to display that confidence. If you're feeling super insecure in heels because they make you tower over your peers, people might end up perceiving you that way — not because of your height, but because it's apparent that you aren't confident in your own skin. On the flip side, if you were to be owning your heels, strutting in them like the world's your catwalk, and defining yourself through the confidence in your height, ain't nobody gonna see you as "too tall" or "too short." So, whether your six feet tall or barely five feet, I feel like we can all learn from Coleman's advice and embrace our height.