11 Thanksgiving Potato Recipes that Will Be the Highlight of Your Turkey Day Table

Thanksgiving is the day to make all your potato fantasies come true — no matter how nefariously fattening those fantasies happen to be. If not now, then when? So, let's go with NOW. Whether your preference is a traditional, creamy mashed potato, or some fancy kugel-gratin hybrid brainchild, you’ve come to the right place. These 11 recipes are each something to be grateful for — and they’ll absolutely fortify your gratitude for leftovers. Thank you, Food.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Crispy Panko Potato Latkes

For the first time in 125 years, Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah coincide. Which basically means Potato Fate, in the form of these crispy panko-coated latkes from The Shiksa in the Kitchen. Hey guys, eight nights of Thanksgiving — who’s with me?

Image: The Shiksa in the Kitchen

Buttermilk Bacon Blue Cheese Smashed Potatoes

The truth of the matter is, your mashed potatoes have been looking a little… naked. Dress them up with blue cheese and bacon with this recipe from How Sweet It Is. There. So much less offensive.

Image: How Sweet It Is

Canadian Bacon, Potato, and Swiss Chard Gratin

This gratin from Food & Wine combines hearty potatoes with wilted ribbons of Swiss chard, salty hunks of bacon, and melty, gooey Gruyère cheese. All good things. Go get this, girl.

Image: Fotolia

Crispy Garlicky Mustard Roasted Red Skin Potatoes

Any potato dish described as both ‘crispy’ and ‘garlicky’ should certainly make it straight to the Thanksgiving dinner table. I think we can agree on that, can’t we? Head over to Simply Scratch for this super easy and super tasty recipe.

Image: Simply Scratch

Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Sure, preparing the sheer bulk of food for any Thanksgiving dinner is work enough. But what can be even tougher is trying to figure out what is going to cook when — and in what oven! Save yourself the headache by putting your mashed potatoes in the slow cooker, like in this recipe from Baked By Rachel. The slow cooker is, after all, the Fairy Godmother of kitchen appliances. Let her hook you up.

Image: Fotolia

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes

Everything about these spuds from My Baking Addiction scream “BOOM.” And with a cup and a half of heavy cream and a fortress of freshly-grated Parmesan, I’m sure your taste buds will agree.

Image: My Baking Addiction

Potato, Artichoke, and Goat Cheese Gratin

This goat cheese and artichoke gratin from Domestic Fits is a lighter and brighter alternative to the heavy gratins you’ll typically find on the Thanksgiving table. Which means (according to the laws of calories) you should have at least two servings.

Image: Domestic Fits

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Do these mashed potatoes look too good to be true? You’re not hallucinating. This majestically creamy dish from Munchin with Munchkin can be all yours. Just don’t forget the secret ingredients — sour cream and cream cheese.

Image: Munchin with Munchkin

Potato Kugel Gratin

This dish from Martha Stewart is like the love child of a traditional Jewish kugel and a bubbly cheese-topped French gratin. This match made in heaven is perfect for your Thanksgiving or Hanukkah table. Thanks Martha!

Image: Fotolia

Fully Loaded Hasselback Potatoes

On its own, the hasselback potato is already a concept that totally boggles my mind. But top one with butter, melty cheese, and big chunks of crispy bacon and you’ve really got me. These spuds from Closet Cooking will absolutely steal your turkey’s thunder.

Image: Fotolia

Sage Potato Chips

Mashed potatoes are great, but they can seriously lack in the texture department. On the other hand, these crispy sage potato slices from Thyme for Cooking are a buffet of crispy, crunchiness. I would suggest using these homemade chips to scoop up your homemade mashed potatoes, but that might be going too far.

Image: Thyme for Cooking