How to Win Thanksgiving

You know you've graduated from the kids table when you either decide or are coerced into preparing something edible for Thanksgiving. Whether you're contributing a dish to a potluck affair or attempting the whole feast yourself, we're here to help you pull it off.

We asked our favorite food bloggers for the best Thanksgiving recipes they know — for turkey, gravy, and mouthwatering sides, plus gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan dishes that will appeal to everyone at the table. And of course desserts. Soooo many desserts.

Here are all of the Thanksgiving ideas, how-tos, faqs, and inspiration you need to get the job done.

First, set the scene:

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Now for the bird (and trimmings):

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Next, let's talk sides:

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Gluten, vegetarian, vegan? Don't worry, it's going to be delicious:

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Don't forget dessert:

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And for the morning after:

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But wait, there's more:

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