Where To Buy Beyonce's Chicago Bulls Bodysuit From Her 'Feeling Myself' Music Video

It's not even fair how much free publicity the Chicago Bulls get from stylish celebrities wearing Bulls attire for the world to see. Miley Cyrus recognized the trendiness of the Chicago Bulls when she wore a Michael Jordan jersey-inspired crop top/skirt combo in Mike Will Made-It's music video for "23" and now, Mrs. Carter has joined the Bulls fan club. Bey recently shared a photo on Instagram where she looked super sexy in the Chi-town NBA swag, leaving me wondering where to buy Beyonce's Chicago Bulls one-piece swimsuit (which, yes, she also wore in the music video for "Feeling Myself" featuring Nicki Minaj).

This isn't the first time Beyonce showed her support for the Chicago Bulls. Two days before sharing this bathing suit photo, Beyonce posted a photo on Instagram of her wearing a sequined Bulls jersey, paired with a short, flared leather skirt and a large pendant necklace, looking supremely cool. But back to the bodysuit.

Chicago Bulls Bodysuit, $45, Who Cares NYC

Beyonce accessorized her sporty suit, which is a custom creation by Timothy White, with armfuls of bracelets, a necklace and flash tattoos, which means that they are still cool, despite the rising doubt among millennials. Unfortunately, I have no tips on how to look as cool and sexy as Beyonce, but I was able to find a similar Chicago Bulls bodysuit that you can rock all summer long.

Chicago Bulls Bodysuit, $45, Who Cares NYC

Images: Beyonce/Instagram (2), Whocaresnyc.com