Final 'Late Show' Top 10 List Brings Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Chris Rock & More To Tease David Letterman

After more than 30 years, the end is sadly here. David Letterman's last episode of the Late Show aired on Wednesday night, and amidst hilarious and sweet memories of previous great moments as well as lots of self-deprication, as is David Letterman's style, we also got one of the most unforgettable Top 10 lists in Late Show history. The topic was fitting for the episode in which it was featured: "Things I always wanted to say to Dave." And instead of just having Letterman himself read off this list, or letting one random celebrity do the honor, a whole slew of celebrities came on the show to read their own personal statements, and it was just the best.

Alec Baldwin, Barbara Walters, Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Tina Fey and Letterman's first guest on the Late Show Bill Murray were among the cavalcade of big time stars who came by to poke fun and pay their respects for the one and only David Letterman, because he really is one of a kind. It's the kind of list that doesn't necessarily have to include zinger after zinger (though there were quite a few), but it definitely did give us the kind of humor and love we're used to seeing celebrities express on the Late Show. Because who doesn't love David Letterman?

Here's what they each had to say.

10. Alec Baldwin

"Of all the talk shows, yours is the most geographically convenient to my home."

9. Barbara Walters

"Did you know that you wear the same cologne as Muammar Gaddafi?"

8. Steve Martin

"Your extensive plastic surgery was a necessity and a mistake."

7. Jerry Seinfeld

"Dave, I have no idea what I'll do when you go off the air. You know what? I just thought of something... I'll be fine."

Here Letterman poked fun right back at Seinfeld, making fun of his tuxedo and saying, "Looks like Jerry is going to a benefit after this."

6. Jim Carrey

"Honestly Dave, I've always found you to be a bit of an over-actor."

Carrey then pulled out a trademark over-the-top facial expression and jig.

5. Chris Rock

Rock definitely had the most relevant dig of the list:

"I'm just glad your show is being given to another white guy."

To which Letterman laughed and replied, "You know I had nothing to do with that."

4. Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"Thanks for letting me take part in another hugely disappointing series finale."

The camera immediately cut to Seinfeld mouthing the word "Really?!" before laughing.

Letterman piled on by adding once again that he had "nothing to do with that" either.

3. Peyton Manning (Clearly One Of Letterman's Favorite People)

"Dave, you are to comedy... what I am to comedy."

2. Tina Fey

"Thanks for finally proving men can be funny."

1. Bill Murray

In fitting ending, Murray concluded with the line: "I'll never have the money I owe you."

Thanks for 33 years, Dave. We all owe you so much.

Images: John Paul Filo/CBS; Giphy