When Will The ‘The Good Wife’ Season 6 Be On Amazon Prime? There Are Other Places To Catch Alicia While You Wait

Nothing is worse than when a new season of a show starts before you ever have the chance to catch up on the last season. This year, Season 5 of The Good Wife wasn’t available on Amazon Prime’s instant watch until the show was halfway through Season 6. So, as you can imagine, we will probably be waiting quite some time for Season 6 of The Good Wife to be available on Prime for free. Why don’t they time this better? I can’t answer that, but if I were a CBS exec I would allow people to get caught up before their shows start a new season. Imagine how many people would marathon it ahead of time and then tune in for The Good Wife Season 7 premiere!

So here’s the deal, right now you can head over to Prime and pay $44.99 for the entire season in HD (or $38.99 for the SD version), which is absolutely absurd — or you can find a way to watch the show for free. Let’s be honest, I doubt many fans, no matter how much they love The Good Wife, are forking over about $40 for one season of a show. That’s basically four bottles of wine, maybe even five if you know where to shop. What I’m trying to say is, wine is really important and here are some ways to find Alicia Florrick for free while you wait for Season 6 to hit Amazon Prime instant watch.

CBS Free Trial

Alright, so your best option for watching the show for free is to sign up for CBS All Access. You get the first week free, and then can decide whether you want to keep the service for $6.99 per month.


Find someone who DVRed it. Seriously, someone out there DVRed the whole season of The Good Wife. All you have to do is find them. Put out a Craigslist ad.

On Demand

Depending on your cable provider, there should be at least a few episodes of Season 5 available On Demand for free.

Re-Watch Seasons 1-5

Let’s be honest, all we really want is more Will Gardner and since he’s not in season 6, I guess we may as well just relive the glory days of The Good Wife. Luckily, those seasons are free on Amazon Prime right now.

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