What Makes Up A Veronica Mars One-Liner?

by Kadeen Griffiths

There were a lot of elements that made Veronica Mars one of the greatest shows on television prior to its final run. There was of course, Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars, the role that made her a star before Frozen, and that cemented her in our hearts and souls forever. There was the entire revolutionary concept of an updated noir movie done as a television show, with the brooding Private Detective as a tiny blond woman. And then, of course, there were the classic Veronica Mars one-liners, because her sarcastic quips and sassy statements kept her enemies and classmates on their toes, permanently two steps behind her in wit and intelligence.

Those one-liners were, to me, what made her and Logan so perfect for one another. From the start, here was a person who could match Veronica quip for quip, who could battle her verbally on her own level, and who, OK, had a whole lot of growing to do before he was worthy to become the love interest we all eventually saw him as. But, above everyone else on the show — above Logan Echolls, Troy Vandegraff, and even Keith Mars – it was Veronica who brought all the trademark snark that made the show so wonderfully quotable. And a lot more goes into those one-liners than you can possibly imagine.

That's why we had to graph it for you.

Image: The CW; Dawn Foster/Bustle