Did Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Break Up? Don’t Believe Everything You Read

It seems like Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux — or as I like to refer to him, Justin from Parks and Rec — have been together literally forever, but in reality, their relationship has only been a thing since 2010. Don't get me wrong, five years is a long time, but it's definitely not the eternity it feels like. Even so, I'm pretty obsessed with the two of them as a couple, and their two year engagement is dragging on way too long. When are these two actually going to tie the knot? Is Jennifer Aniston ever going to bring children into the world who are far more beautiful than the rest of us commoners will ever be? I have so many questions, and so few answers. But the big question is this one: Are Aniston and Theroux still dating?

The rumor mill has been working overtime lately with stories about these two, most of them claiming that they're done for various reasons. In March, OK Magazine alleged that Aniston and Theroux have pushed their wedding back yet again, and now, Life & Style is bringing those rumors back to life. Supposedly, Theroux dramatically announced that he's not ready to be married when he and Aniston were finalizing their wedding plans, effectively putting an end to their relationship. Oh, OK.

My favorite part about the Life & Style story is that the mag quantified their engagement as "990 days" and mentioned that they've broken up several times in the past, including Aniston being left at the altar. Wait, what? I can't handle this. There's no way these stories are true, right?

Fortunately, Gossip Cop, who is generally very accurate with their rumor patrolling, says this is all BS, and I'm inclined to believe them — especially since Aniston's rep refuted the rumors, too. The rep says that there is no truth to the Aniston/Theroux split rumors, which means we can rest easy. Their relationship is in the green, wedding plans haven't come screeching to a halt, and there's still a chance that happily ever afters do exist after all.

Whenever this wedding does happen — or even if it doesn't — it's hard not to be super happy for Aniston. She and Theroux clearly love each other, and after the Brad Pitt debacle of 2005 (was that really 10 years ago?!) she deserves to be in a relationship as healthy and happy as this one. I still have my Team Aniston t-shirt that I faithfully wore as a teenager in support of Rachel Green, and it's still relevant a decade later, even if it's just because Aniston deserves the best life possible.

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