14 Times Birthday Cakes Kept It Way Too Real, Because With Age Comes Wisdom, And Also Ridiculous Cake Ideas — PHOTOS

Birthday celebrations sure are a weird cocktail of feelings. Sure, they're called a celebration because there is a euphoric aspect to it—and there are certainly best practices for birthday parties and how they should be thrown. Still, they also serve as a possibly surly reminder of the passing of time. Another year gone, and what kind of progress or accomplishments do you have to show for it? It's the sweet paired with the distinctly sour. And what better represents that delicate balance than some very choice, VERY blunt birthday cakes?

Cakes present the opportunity to write your heart out (much more delicious there than on some stupid sleeve), singing gospel of your loved one who is now one year older and hopefully better. They are highly customizable, so even if you're one of those righteous people who deliberately phrase it all, "Oh, I'm 27-years-young," you can sculpt a fit to match your own birth anniversary celebrating needs or those of the person who's birthday it actually is. However, some folks take this shot at true individuality by way of sugary things and run to the next town. You know, the town where it's way more real—TOO real. Here's some examples of when birthday cakes stop being polite and start being real:

The dot connector


True or false, this concept and associated mental images will now never leave your brain. Have a second piece!!

The mom champion


An educational cake is not a bad cake. Actually, I'm not convinced a bad cake exists.

The advice-doler


This frosting bear is clearly a wizard.

The head-scratcher


The Rick Roller



The nightmare chaperone


Or usher...unsure.

The biologist


It kinda answers every question, I guess.

The sneak preview


Seems like a Cool Mom, TBH.

The wicked warlock of the golf course

Can someone please explain?

The chill approach

Nothing celebrates the sanctity of continued life like a severed, body-less snowman head.

The forward-thinker



The ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It's your party and you don't have to try at all if you don't want to.

Images: nito/Fotolia; Imgur(9)