11 Epic Birthday Party Ideas Because You Are Never Too Old for Cake and Balloons

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Remember the birthday parties of your childhood? You know, the ones that usually involved streamers, too much pizza, and punching the poor guy in the mouse suit when you got cranky? Those were the days, my friends.

So maybe there are a few more candles than you’d like on your cake this year. Heck, maybe you don’t even remember your last birthday — except for the fact that it included four bottles of cupcake-flavored wine. The good news? You’re never too old for an epic party, especially not the kind that calls for cake. That’s why we rounded up everything we loved most about childhood birthdays — Treat bags! Sparkly things! Presents! — and gave them an elegant, DIY twist: You can have your balloons and still come out feeling like a respectable grown-up. Strap on your hat and get ready to blow out those candles. We have a birthday to celebrate.

Image: My Name Is Yeh

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