Kathryn & Thomas Should Never Get Back Together

Southern Charm got real last Monday when Kathryn and Thomas went separate ways. The Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel break up isn't all that surprising, so I guess this next bit of information isn't all that surprising either: Thomas and Kathryn might try to work things out on Southern Charm. I don't necessarily blame them for trying to work things out, if not for any reason but their beautiful daughter Kensington. But from what I've seen, these two are poison together. They are two people who were brought together for a moment in time and should respect that that moment is over, because Kathryn does not need to get back with Thomas.

Before getting into the reasons why Kathryn needs to take some "me time" and stay away from T-Rav, let's rehash the situation. Thomas and Kathryn, for almost the entire second season, have been rocky. Things got Rocky Road ice cream, though, when Thomas was accused of allegedly assaulting Lauren, Kathryn's stylist, one night. When Thomas asked Kathryn to come home from Jekyll Island, she didn't, and that lead him to writing a Facebook status that officially ended their relationship. This is a 50-something year old man, but that's not the point.

This really isn't that surprising of an end for Thomas and Kathryn, especially because I don't think it really is the end. I kind of get the impression that T-Rav and Kathryn are that couple in your friend group that keeps getting together and then breaks up (and then makes it weird for everyone else), only to get back together again. The Ross and Rachel, if you will.

But Kathryn doesn't need to get back with Thomas. In fact, I think she shouldn't, and here's why.

1. They Simply Weren't On The Same Page

These two — at this moment in time — aren't good for each other. In one year or twenty years (probably not), maybe they will be good for the other. But as of the present, they were doing themselves a disservice by being with the other (from a fan's POV).

2. She Can Focus On Herself

Kathryn seemed to come second to Thomas' campaign, which was really sad to see. She needs to take time and make it all about her. Whether that is reconnecting with modeling, or her friends, or herself (a little it corny?), getting back with T-Rav wouldn't allow her to do that.

3. She Can Focus On Kensington, Too

Kathryn comes off like an amazing mom, so I don't doubt that she isn't already focusing on her baby. But as Kensington grows older, Kathryn is going to have more and more to mother. The last thing she needs is to have a unhealthy relationship thrown into the mix.

4. She Can Take Her Time Moving Into Another Relationship

I mean, I think Kathryn and Craig would be fabulous together, but if a relationship isn't what she needs now, then no problem! She can take her time moving on from Thomas, there's no rush.

5. She Looks Happy Without Him

And isn't that the most important part? That she is happy? All the rest will fall into place.

6. For Our Sake

So selfish, I know, but I am emotionally invested in this show. V. emotionally invested. I don't think I'll be able to handle it if these "give it another go."

Images: Bravo; Giphy