Kathryn Dennis Will Be Just Fine Without T-Rav

Bravo knows drama, but specifically, the Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel know drama. This couple is the definition of ups and downs, ebbs and flows, on-again off-again. Some might say they just need to communicate, some might think that they need to just not be a couple. Well, the time of the latter might be now, and even though these two have a lot of history and ties to each other, something tells me Kathryn is going to be fine without Thomas. Let's give this woman some credit. She knows what works for her and what doesn't, and Thomas doesn't work for her.

From a fan's point of — I admit I don't know all the workings of Thomas and Kathryn's relationship, so I'm only going off of what is public knowledge — their relationship seemed to not be working for a while. These two haven't been on the same page since Day One. I often wondered if Kensington's presence was what kept them together, because while they worked hard to be great parents, they seemed to put the relationship work to the left (to the left).

But don't worry, because when T-Rav and Kathryn officially split, Kathryn is going to land on her feet just fine. She doesn't need Thomas, and here's why.

1. She's Got A Good Support System

Kathryn might not have Thomas anymore, but she doesn't need him when she has other pillars of strength in her life. Kathryn has previously relied on her mother's help with Kensington. Kathryn also has a great group of friends (not on the show) who always have her back. That's what she needs in her life.

2. She Seems To Be Happier Without Thomas

Kathryn just doesn't seem happy when she is with Thomas. She doesn't deserve that — no one does. I'm rooting for Kathryn's happiness sans Thomas in the long-run.

3. She's Young And Has A Lot Of Life Ahead Of Her

Kathryn is in her low twenties, so if she wants to completely reinvent herself, there's really nothing holding her back. She can really make anything out of her life.

4. She Has Kensington, Who Keeps Her Grounded

Kathryn told Bustle at the beginning of Season 2 that Kensington forces her hand at responsibility and keeps her grounded. Plus, how can you not be insanely happy with that face smiling at you every single day.

5. She Can Finally Distance Herself From The Southern Charm Cast

I think beyond doing fine without Thomas, Kathryn would be just fine without the entire Southern Charm cast. Some of the cast members are poison to her happiness (and simply cruel), and the sooner she gets away from that (via: breaking up with Thomas) the better.

6. She's Got Her Career To Keep Her Busy

And for those that worry "What will Kathryn do without Thomas' money?" — does this look like the face of someone who is worried her career is going nowhere? Didn't think so.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo