9 Maddie Ziegler Dance Fashion Moments

by Emily Kirkpatrick

Ms. Ziegler may only be twelve years old, but the pint-sized performer has already made a major name for herself thanks to her performance in Sia's hugely successful "Chandelier" music video, a spot on DWTS, and her role on the reality show, Dance Moms. Now, as though that's not impressive enough, the dancer is taking on a brand new role: Maddie Ziegler was just named the brand ambassador for Capezio. The pairing is a totally logical fit for the dance wear company, considering Ziegler is not only one of the hottest young dancers on the scene, but also a style icon in the making.

She has already been featured in her fair share of fashion magazines, including major publications like Dazed & Confused, Teen Vogue, Elle, and on the cover of Schön! Clearly, she's going somewhere with this whole "fashion" thing.

While most of us outside of the dance community likely haven't donned a piece from Capezio since our early, ill-begotten days in basic ballet, the brand has come a long way since it's days of strictly attiring ballerinas. Of course, the full spectrum of leotards, tutus, and pointe shoes are still there, but the brand has now expanded to include a full collection of activewear. That means the rest of us two-left-feet ladies can get in on a little bit of that Capezio action and make our shameful at-home reenactments of Ziegler in "Chandelier" that much closer to the real deal.

Her photos for Capezio are totally gorgeous, but this isn't the first time Ziegler has rocked a super fashionable, dance-friendly look. These nine Instagram posts prove that Sia's mini me has some serious dance fashion bonafides — and she's only just getting started!

1. When she made Sacai's Nike collection actually make sense:

2. This nightmare McQueen ballerina fantasy for Schon! Magazine:

3. The Great Gatsby's got nothing on this:

4. Poses like this are why they pay her the big bucks:

5. Because she can make even a nude leotard and bad wig look fashion forward:

6. She somehow makes this work:

7. Watch out Elsa...

8. A little Stepford Wives realness for Vs. magazine:

9. Already ready to win prom queen: