Crucial Flowchart: Should You Send That Dick Pic?

by Emma McGowan

Picture a street in the city you’re most familiar with. You’re walking along, listening to music on your headphones, trying not to step in dog poop. You’re in your own world, doing your thing, when suddenly a giant, disembodied dick jumps out from the bushes in front of you. SURPRISE! All of sudden, dicks are popping out everywhere: from behind the bus stop, on the top of the porch roof next to you, in the back windows of minivans. No matter where you look it’s dicks, dicks, dicks — and they all want your attention. That’s kind of what it feels like to be a woman online dating in 2015. Unsolicited dick pics are the perverted flasher of the 21st century, jumping up in everything from OkCupid inboxes to private messages on Twitter.

However, that’s not to say that dick pics are always unwelcome. There really and truly are times when a well-composed penis shot will be appreciated.

But how do you know when it will be welcome and when you really should keep that smartphone away from your junk? I teamed up with artist Allison Gore to create a handy flowchart to help you determine whether or not sending that dick pic is a good idea. Next time you reach for your phone and your fly, consult back before clicking “send.”

Images: Fotolia; Allison Gore