17 Ways To Style Gingham Print Because It's Literally The Cutest Summer Trend (Ever)

When a gal hears the words "gingham print trend," a lot of different images come to mind. Maybe you think of picnics under giant oak trees, eating watermelons as you watch the clouds paint pictures in the blue. Or perhaps you think of lemonade and bare feet, enjoying the sound of happy splashes from the pool. It's possible you think of Father's Day brunches and the Easter colored shirts your pops leans towards on such occasions. Or of a curly haired blonde with cat eye sunglasses, enjoying an ice cream cone as the vanilla slowly melts all over her hand. And for some of us, we think of giant question marks. And exasperated, thrown up hands.

Styling gingham prints can be a tricky thing, especially if you don't have a preppy or girly type of style. More than that, it can be tricky just because it's a print, period. Not all of us feel brave when coming face to face with a bold, happy-faced pattern. But I'm here to tell you to stop the mini freak outs, because we've got this! All you need are a few simple styling tips to keep in your back pocket, and you can conquer the notoriously peppy pattern like the best of them. Below are 17 different ways you can wear gingham during the summer!

1. Give It Some Edge

Let's start off with something edgy to keep the readers that don't think they can play with a certain pattern just because it doesn't fit in with their style. Girl, you have to make it fit your style! Like in this look, tone down the preppy print by pairing it with your favorite classics. Pop a leather jacket over it to toughen it up, add in a sleek bag to make it less girly and more sophisticated, and pair it with Chelsea boots to give it an urban feel. The end result is an interesting, completely stylish outfit.

2. Don't Be Afraid Of Print Mixing

The cool thing about the gingham print is that it's kind of a neutral — just like leopard print. It can be mixed and matched with all kinds of different patterns and textures without coming off as too outlandish or bold. A spring classic is pairing it with floral prints for a sweet, feminine vibe.

3. Tone It Down With Denim

While I would love it if each one of you would let your freak flag fly when it comes to styling, I know that that would be unfair of me to ask. Some of us like a cleaner, quieter look, and that's just as beautiful. If you want to dabble with gingham but feel like it might just be too overwhelming for you, tone it down with a jacket or blazer in a neutral color. Denim jackets work wonders, or if you want a more polished look, opt for a light grey blazer.

4. Sneak It Underneath Dresses

Who says the print needs to steal the show? Instead, use it as an unexpected accent in your look, popping it underneath sleeveless dresses for a fun burst of pattern.

5. Choose It In A Playful Shape

Feel like the print might just be a little dated for you? Do you think of suburban moms cooling apple pies on windowsills when you think of gingham? Remedy that by choosing it as a playful romper or two-piece, instantly making the print flirty and youthful.

6. Little Gingham, Meet Big Gingham

If you don't have any qualms or nerves when it comes to mixing prints, go all in and mix a tinier gingham on top of a bigger, grid-ier version.

7. Accent With Girly Pieces

Go classic with the print and accent it with its girly counterparts, like straw hats or bows.

8. Speaking Of Bows...

While a bow in your hair is obviously adorable, another way to match it with your gingham is in the form of a pussybow. Don't have any of those tops? Make one by simply slipping a thick black ribbon underneath your collar and tying it into a bow at your throat.

9. Adversely, Go Sleek

Not a sugary type of woman? Keep your gingham looking sleek and cool by pairing it with all black pieces, like black skinny jeans and a bold black purse. There's nothing preppy about an urban look like this.

10. Get Disheveled

A great way to muss up the prim vibe is to keep it slightly messy. Keep your top half tucked and opt for bedhead hair. Match it with laid back tennis shoes or chunky sandals for a devil-may-care vibe.

11. Get It As Pants

Gingham isn't only for flirty dresses and flippy skirts, ya know. It also comes in the form of sleek cigarette pants and classic trousers. Pair it minimally with neutral blouses and blazers, or have some fun with pops of color in your accessories.

12. Throw Some Leopard Print In There

Just like with floral print, gingham is especially fun if you mix it with other patterns. It looks cheeky but still classic when paired with small pops of leopard!

13. Keep It In Doses

Want to try out the trend in baby steps? That's totally fine! Dip your toe in the water by buying it as a summer scarf or in the form of ballet flat — let it bring some zing into your outfit without stressing you out. You never know, you might discover that you don't mind stepping outside of your style comfort zone.

14. Play Up The Flirtiness

If you're doing it, you might as well be doing it right. If you've found yourself a flirtatious little number, play up its charm by pairing it with feminine, look-at-me-shoes and sweet touches, like bows and envelope clutches. Everyone in a mile radius of you will be completely and totally smitten.

15. Juxtapose It With Modern Pieces

Everyone loves a good contrast, and an easy way to flip gingham on its head is to pair it with modern touches. Throw in some mod or futuristic sunglasses, or pair it with on-trend shoes like bootie sandals or cage heels.

16. Go Monochromatic

Sometimes prints can feel a little easier if they're all in one color. So do just that! Take your gingham and your floral prints and play with them in one hue, like a bright blue or an electric yellow. You'll be bold, but not overwhelmingly so.

17. Or, Hell, Just Go All In

Not scared to dive in head first with a trend? Then go all-in and go completely retro with a two-piece gingham playsuit. If you don't forget the victory curls and the cat eye sunglasses, you'll look as if you're Betty Draper's gal pal, ready to go play underneath the summer sun!

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