14 Memorial Day TV Marathons That Guarantee An Entertaining & Relaxing Holiday Without Leaving Your Couch

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Ahhh, Memorial Day — a delightful Monday off from work. Sure, you could go outside and enjoy the May weather, but the outdoors are overrated (says the person who camped over the weekend). Avoid mosquito bites and ticks by staying indoors and watching all of the TV marathons Memorial Day 2015 has to offer.

Most of the TV programming is not focusing on the real depth of what Memorial Day is about (honoring the people who died serving our nation in the armed forces), but I'm not here to judge anyone for their holiday decisions. If watching countless hours of TV is what will bring you joy this three-day weekend, that's exactly what you should do. Luckily, you'll have plenty of different ways to do it.

Please note that all times listed are ET and TV schedules depend on your location, so make sure to check your local listings.

Image: Jesse Grant/Comedy Central

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