Judy Blume Uses An Electric Bidet Toilet Seat, And That’s Your TMI For The Week, Book-Lovers


Judy Blume has never shied away from personal topics like sex and masturbation in her classic novels, but she just one-upped herself in her recent interview with The New York Times Magazine. The piece was titled "Judy Blume Knows All Your Secrets," but after some revelations about her own life, it seems we know all of hers.

During her interview with Blume, writer Susan Dominus toured the beloved author's home:

As if you didn't already love her enough. She already showed in Deenie and Summer Sisters she could write frankly about masturbation without her characters feeling shame, and that's part of why we adored her when we were younger. She told Dominus that she and her friends would talk about it, and she was even scared of going to summer camp because she worried how she was going to have that necessary "me time." And it seems, even at 77 years young, she never lost that way of thinking, because she's the best.

Of course, her young characters' talk about their bodies and sex is what puts Blume so often on the lists of frequently banned books. But Blume doesn't take it sitting down, as she works as part of the National Coalition Against Censorship to ensure pre-teens and teenagers have access to not just her books, but others that tackle the same subject matter.

TMI from Judy Blume is never truly too much.