Scott Patterson's Cryptic 'Gilmore Girls' News Could Mean Any Of These 7 Things & The Anticipation Is Just Too Much

I hope you're sitting down, Gilmore Girls fans, because I am about to drop some potentially shocking news on you: During in this week's Gilmore Guys podcast, Scott Patterson (Luke Danes himself, for those of you not in the know) revealed there might be some Gilmore Girls-related news heading our way — like, reunion type news. Are you still breathing? Please remember to breathe.

To be clear, Patterson's exact quote from the podcast is: "I don’t want to mislead the fans...I will say this, there are talks going on at the moment. I can’t really go into any details, but there is some activity. I’m hopeful, and I’m in. I think it would be a big event, and I think it would be a great fan celebration." Does he mean a reunion? It's hard to tell because, well — cryptic much? BUT STILL, it sort of sounds like he's talking about a reunion, and that alone is enough for celebration.

The Gilmore Girls gang is already getting back together for the ATX Festival being held in Austin, Texas in June. Perhaps if those so-called "talks: are over by then, the cast can announce potential reunion news together!

As much as I want the news to be a straight-up reunion, however, my hopes have been dashed too many times before — maybe this time things will be different? After all, a certain streaming site (*cough*Netflix*cough*) created quite a lot of buzz for itself when it picked up Gilmore Girls ...maybe the renewed interest in the series has sparked a change.

But, other than a reunion, what could Patterson's news be? Let me break down the possibilities.

A Gilmore Girls Convention Could Be Coming

Why shouldn't Gilmore Girls have its own fan convention? Given the level of excitement the cast's Austin reunion is generating, it would make sense for a larger convention that includes room for more fans to be in the works. Think of all the possible Jess cosplayers! It would be like heaven for Gilmore Girls fans.

Maybe There Is a Documentary In The Works

Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino could finally reveal those final two words of the series while the cast members reminisce about days gone by.

Sherman-Palladino Could Be Starting A Kickstarter Campaign To Fund A Movie

When Rob Thomas could not get funding for a Veronica Mars movie, he and star Kristen Bell took their fight to the fans with a Kickstarter — and the fans answered. Maybe Sherman-Palladino is tired of fighting with the system, and she is going to put the future of the show in the hands of the fans! (If she does, I will give her all my money. Why would I need food when I could have more Lorelai and Rory in my life?)

Maybe A Network Or Streaming Site Is Contemplating A Limited Series

Netflix is responsible for restarting the Gilmore Girls revolution, so why not keep it going with an official limited series? It would make good sense from a business standpoint for Netflix — just look at all the love they received when they revived Arrested Development ! Plus, if it is a limited series, even the busiest cast members (like Melissa McCarthy) could squeeze a return into their schedules.

Sherman-Palladino Is Writing A Play & Patterson Is Reprising The Role Of Luke

Hey, stranger things have happened. Given Sherman-Palladino's gift for dialogue, why not bring Gilmore Girls to the stage?

Sherman-Palladino Could Be Creating A Spin-Off...

All I have ever wanted is to return to Stars Hollow. Even if the show did not revolve around Lorelai and Rory, I would still watch it — especially if Patterson was involved. Wouldn't you?

Or Maybe The TV Reunion Movie Is In The Works Again

Rumors of a TV movie reunion have been circulating for years now, and for years nothing has come to fruition. Given how relevant Gilmore Girls is at the moment (nostalgia levels have reached an all-time high), maybe The CW or ABC Family or some other network is finally going to make all of our dreams come true.

I know Patterson said not to get our hopes up, but mine are up. They are way, way up.

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