'Rich Kids' Season 2 Was Full Of Pricey Memories

The actual Rich Kids of Beverly Hills broadcast their lives via Instagram all year long, but now that E! has decided to turn those Instagrams into a whole reality show, there's a more official avenue to keep up with what the cast is busy doing. But the show has had two seasons in about a year, and it's already coming up on Season 3. So it's worthy to recap #RichKids of Beverly Hills Season 2 before the third premieres on May 24. And starting on a holiday weekend feels appropriate, considering that the whole show feels like an extended spring break with the world's most exclusive sorority (and their boyfriends/BFFs).

Season 3 is adding a new #RichKid: Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff, daughter of David, who already seems like she's fitting into the group — during an E! Online video interview with the rest of the cast, she singled out Jonny as the one person she connected with most. The rest of the cast is unchanged from Season 2 — Morgan, Dorothy, Brendan, EJ, Roxy, and, obviously, Jonny, are all back.

Rich Kids does have a sort-of plot, but it's all about three things: taking trips, expensive purchases, and drama over the state of every friendship between every two members of the cast. Season 2 was full of all three. The season goes by extremely quickly, so if you have a few hours to kill before the Season 3 premiere, it's worth just watching one of E!'s #RichKids recap videos or, if you have a cable subscription, watching the entire series. But if you prefer to read rather than watch, I got you — but be prepared for a lot of whiplash, because this show moves fast, and everything is urgent... except for, you know, the need to get jobs.

Episode 1: Did You Miss Them?

This is the basic re-introduction to the cast. Morgan and Brendan are in a relationship that's moving both quickly and slowly. (How's that for drama?) Meanwhile, Dorothy is still dating Cooper from Season 1, but he can't even make time to costar on their TV show together. EJ is still a walking catchphrase machine, and Jonny is trying to be the same thing, but should probably stick to being a normal person instead. Roxy generates conflict wherever she goes, which is largely to the store to buy furniture for her new job as a designer.

Episodes 2-3: The International Incident

The season started huge, with the cast's trip to China to visit Dorothy's father's latest building projects. And one poorly-timed whine from Roxy was enough to set off a huge fight between the two. It's Check-Gate all over again!

Episodes 4-5: The End Of Cooper

Cooper breaks up with Dorothy, but, thankfully Morgan is there to remind her that Cooper was a pretty terrible BF, and it's enough to prompt a Roxy apology. So Cooper was good for something!

Episode 6: Morgan Gets Vulnerable?!

If you've watched a minute of this show, you'd know that Morgan is pretty much always joking, and when she's not, she's usually talking about wine, carbs, or designer goods. So to hear her get serious about the possibility of not wanting kids because of her brother's serious psychological struggles was surprising. And then to hear Brendan ignore her concerns was not very inspiring for the future of their relationship.

Episode 7: LGBT EJ

EJ, ever on the periphery of the season, leaves Beverly Hills in favor of San Francisco's Pride Parade, where he serves as Grand Marshall. It's nice to remember that there are events where all that's required is a fine pair of Prada sunglasses, and Grand Marshalling a pride parade is indeed one of those times.

Episodes 8-9: Beverly Hills, MT

The whole gang goes on a sitcom-ready trip to Brendan's family vacation spot in Montana. He gets emotional about his parents' divorce. Every single other person acts like they've never been outside before. Plenty of expensive leather goods are purchased.

Episode 10: Hair Plugs!

The season finale celebrates personal and professional milestones for all! Dorothy resolves her romantic woes and her professional insecurity by impressing her mother with her jewelry line. Jonny supports EJ's choice to get weight loss surgery as he did the same. Morgan's mom gives them her blessing to move in together... sort of. And Brendan does indeed get hair plugs. It's a triumph, everyone mostly gets along, and everything is set up to be knocked down in the next season of #RichKids of Beverly Hills. I can't wait.

Images: Matthias Vriens-McGrath, Mathieu Young, Brandon Hickman/E! Entertainment