What's On TV On Memorial Day, Because Going Outside Is So Overrated

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Can you feel it in the air? Memorial Day is here, which means it's nearly summer and it feels so good. Sure, it's not technically the actual season, but the amazing feeling of the sun on your skin, your toes in the sand, and barbecues grilling will make sure you forget that little fact. Of course, better weather doesn't mean you necessarily have to go outside, and luckily, there's plenty to watch on TV on Memorial Day if you decide to stay in and embrace the warming glow of your screen.

Just because marathons usually get all of the attention on holiday weekends doesn't mean they're the only options. Here's some must-see TV programming (listed in EST) you can either plan out your beach trip and BBQs around, or fill your entire weekend with.

Image: Matt Petit/ABC

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