Reese Witherspoon Will Play Tinker Bell, But What Do Tinker Bell & Elle Woods Have In Common?

Well, it looks the upcoming live-action adaptation of Peter Pan has found its Tink. That's right, Hollywood's favorite actress, with a heart of gold (and hair to match), Reese Witherspoon, has been cast as Tinker Bell. And, while, physically, it seems like a perfect match, personality-wise it feels like more of a stretch. After all, what do Tinker Bell and Elle Woods, the bubbly sorority character that is Witherspoon's most iconic role, have in common?

And I mean this literally, because, as a proud blonde, Elle Woods has been an imperative force when it comes to developing my inner strength. And Tinker Bell, though she had a certain cache at Hot Topic back in 2003, was always a little bit too sassy for my taste. Not that I'm not 110 percent sassy myself, but she tries to kill Wendy at one point in the 1953 film, and murder is something that Elle Woods would frown upon. Gently put, Tinker Bell is kind of Jerk City in the original Peter Pan movie, and Elle, with all her flaws, really isn't that at all.

But I think, if we really reevaluate, we can definitely see some overlaps between the two. Here's what I think the two little ladies have in common, both big and small.

They both love unconventional colors.


You can make as many Malibu Barbie jokes as you want, but Elle OWNS the color pink, and she looks wonderful every time she dons the signature hue. Likewise, green is a bold choice to pair with fair hair, but Tink rocks her distinct shade of jade like nobody else.

They're both initially seen fawning over jerky guys.


Let's be frank, Peter Pan is kind of a little brat. Like, you need a man, Tink, not a boy. Warner had his own issues with growing up, which is why he dumped Elle to get serious about his career. And look how well that worked for him!

They both compete with the jerky guys' new love interests.


See: Tinker Bell tried to off Wendy. Likewise, Elle had some early clashes with Vivian — although, to be fair, she mainly played defense until Vivian tricked her into thinking she was attending a costume party.

It took time before the both of them were able to find their unique voice.


For Tink, this should be read literally... the Disney nymph didn't really speak until she got her own 3D film series in 2008. That's a heck of wait. Elle, comparatively, did have a consistent voice throughout her life, but only learned how to truly use it in her 20s.

Both recognize the importance of a girl gang.


Elle gets by with the help of her Delta Nu sisters... and the perfection that is Paulette, of course. For Tinker Bell, it's her flawless fairy posse.

They both realize that you always need a little something extra.


You know what? Peter Pan would be a garbage story without the help of Tink's fairy dust. Like, good luck getting the plot rolling without that. Elle, meanwhile, also likes to spice up life with those tiny details. Specifically, everything should be pink and scented.

And finally, they both embrace volume when it comes to hair care.


Between Elle's bouncy waves and Tinker Bell's buoyant bun, there's nothing that'll get their blonde locks down.

Images: Giphy (7); Disney; MGM