7 Lessons Tinker Bell Could Learn From Elle Woods, Now That Reese Witherspoon Is Portraying Both Characters

Someone somewhere should be patting themselves on the back, because Reese Witherspoon will be playing Tinker Bell in a live-action Disney movie. And, even better, Tinker Bell is the star of that movie, rather than acting as a sidekick in another Peter Pan remake. The fact that Witherspoon has been chosen to play the iconic character is icing on the cake, because one of Witherspoon's greatest roles was that of the incredible, feminist sorority-girl-turned-lawyer Elle Woods in the film Legally Blonde . Now that both of these beloved blondes will be portrayed by the same beloved actress, it's about time that we start thinking about what Tinker Bell can learn from Elle Woods.

Because, let's be real for a second. Tinker Bell was not exactly a traditionally heroic character. She was vain, petty, jealous, and she tried to kill a little girl. If it weren't for her loyalty to Peter Pan, she would seem to have very few redeeming qualities at all. (Unless you're watching Disney Fairies, in which Tinker Bell is pretty much one of the nicest fairies in the world.) Elle, on the other hand, was kind, giving, loving, supportive and a feminist who could rock business formal as well as she rocked a Playboy bunny costume — and was no less of a feminist for either outfit.

So, without further adieu, here are seven lessons that Tink could learn from Elle.

1. Treat Women As Friends, Not Rivals

Tinker Bell struggled with this a lot. The reason that Captain Hook is able to get one over on Peter Pan, and kidnap the Lost Boys, is because he played on Tink's jealousy of Wendy. (Did I mention Tink also tried to have her killed?) Meanwhile, Elle spent most of Legally Blonde being harassed by Vivian Kensington, but, as soon as Vivian reached out to her warmly, Elle quickly added her to her group of friends. Because women supporting women is way more important than fighting over a guy.

2. A Guy Who Treats You Badly Doesn't Deserve You

Elle initially worked her butt off to get into law school so that she could get her ex-boyfriend Warner back, but, even when they were together, Warner didn't seem to treat her very well. Peter Pan treated Tinker Bell a lot better than Warner treated Elle (on Wendy's suggestion, he only banished Tink for a week for trying to kill Wendy, when he was originally going to banish her forever), but Tink still does a lot more for him than he does for her. I think it's about time she moves on and finds her Emmett.

3. Don't Let Anyone Tell You Who To Be

Everyone took one look at Elle, with her blond hair and her pink outfits, and told her that she couldn't be a lawyer, that she was too stupid to be at Harvard, and that she'd never get Warner back. She did all of that, and more. Likewise, it would be easy to brush Tink off as being just a ball of light following Peter Pan around, but she is so much more than that. Her film will give her the chance to explore that.

4. If You've Got It, Flaunt It

Tink doesn't need any help from Elle on this area, but both women are attractive — and, more importantly, they know it. Elle won a court case based on her knowledge of hair care (and, indeed, her hair is flaw free), while Tinker Bell took some time out to admire herself in a hand mirror in the middle of a covert shadow search. Who says ladies have to be humble about what they've got? Everyone is beautiful, and confidence is never a bad thing to have.

5. Your Happy Ending Isn't What You Expect It To Be

Elle thought her happy ending was to be reunited with Warner. Turns out, her happy ending was to be best friends with his ex-fiancée, become a lawyer, and marry Emmett. Likewise, Tinker Bell thinks her happy ending is to be by Peter Pan's side with the Lost Boys forever, but what if it isn't? This is Tinker Bell's chance to discover what her dreams are, independent of Peter Pan.

6. Stand Up For Your Loved Ones The Way You Would Stand Up For Yourself

If there's one thing you don't want to do, it's mess with Elle's friends. So far, '53 Tinker Bell has only extended that sphere of protection to Peter Pan and maybe the Lost Boys. It's time for her to start making more friends, just like the Disney Fairies Tinker Bell. No more shooting people out of the sky, Tink.

7. Have Fun

What, like it's hard?

Image: Disney; zoeyskravitz (7)/Tumblr