11 Amazing #HomeToVote Photos That'll Make You Wish You Were In Ireland For The Historic Gay Marriage Vote

With opinion polls leaning toward approval, Ireland could make history by becoming the first country to approve of gay marriage in a public vote. The highly publicized referendum has inspired many Irish living abroad to board planes and trains to return home to vote. United on Twitter, ex-pats shared amazing #HomeToVote photos that'll make you wish you were right there celebrating with them.

Gay marriage is already legal in a number of U.S. states and countries, such as Canada, Brazil, France, and South Africa, but it was allowed through legislation or the courts. That's what makes Ireland's vote one to watch since it would represent the country's popular opinion. More than 3 million people can vote, including 60,000 people who live outside Ireland's borders. But those living abroad must have left the country within the past 18 months and are required to appear in person to cast their vote, according to Reuters. Polls in Ireland close at 10 p.m. local time (5 p.m. ET), and the results might not be fully tallied until Saturday.

With rainbow flags and T-shirts emblazoned with "Yes," the trending hashtag showed their thrill surrounding the vote. Dublin Airport became a hub for celebration. Some arrived as far as Abu Dhabi and Bangkok. Just check out these awesome photos and get excited.

And in case you were wondering how crazy #HomeToVote is trending...