How To Replicate 3 'Final Fantasy' Styles For Your Ultimate Futuristic Gamer Fashion Inspiration

I grew up on video games, and to this day my all-time favorite video game — which has never been knocked off its pedestal — is Final Fantasy VII. I love this game because it introduced me to strong, powerful heroines, the idea that society is corrupt, a fantasy world that I felt I could be a part of via the medium of RPGs (Role Playing Games), and incredible Final Fantasy fashion.

It also introduced me to the idea of the "lone wolf," as it followed protagonist Cloud and his adventure to bring down an evil military corporation that he used to work for. In fact, I also learned from Cloud that men can be just as vulnerable as women. I was able to hone my empathy skills as I could truly imagine what it felt like to be Cloud as I was playing his character, and it helped develop my strategic thinking — who says playing video games is bad for you?!

Final Fantasy VII started my love affair with the franchise and I enjoyed many more Final Fantasy games. As I got older and my love affair with fashion flourished, I became acutely aware of the wonderful clothes that the characters wore. Now, I'm not saying the outfits are perfect; they are overly sexualized, as most women's outfits are in video games — but aside from that, they are really cool.

The great thing about my favorite characters' outfits is they seem to span the ages and are semi-futuristic. After all, fashion is often regurgitated and different looks and styles of specific decades are brought back into fashion time and time again. For instance, the flowing, relaxed form of the 1970s often inspires summer collections and the dark color palette and elongated garments of the 1940s usually welcomes us into autumn/winter. Thus, what better time to channel three of my favorite Final Fantasy girls than right now?

Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart is a tough cookie with a heart of gold. She is from Final Fantasy VII and plays as one of Cloud's love interests. Unlike the other characters, Tifa does not have a weapon and instead uses her fists to fight. Her outfit is timeless and does not lean heavily on a particular decade for influence.

Faux Leather Mini Skirt, $12, Forever 21

Channel Tifa's bad girl vibes in this leatherette mini skirt.

Racer Back Ribbed Crop Top White, $16, Missguided

This sporty crop top is perfect for tomboy Tifa.

"Disc" Boots, $140, Dr. Martens

These oxblood Dr. Martens are super for kicking monster ass!

Fingerless Leather Gloves, $45, Etsy

Finish off your outfit with some rebellious leather gloves in the style of Ms. Lockhart.

Rinoa Heartilly

Rinoa is one of the sweetest characters in the Final Fantasy series. Ms. Heartilly stars in Final Fantasy VIII and is the love interest and friend of the leading protagonist Squall. She utilizes her dog Angelo for special attacks, which makes her even more endearing — a true canine loving sweetheart.

Brave Soul Maxi Cardigan With Pocket Detail, $33, ASOS

This aptly named "Brave Soul" cardigan is similar in length and color to Rinoa's and it features a buttonless design so it remains constantly "open," similar to our heroine's. It is her signature piece, so wear it with style.

Racerback Biketard Style, $50, Capezio

To truly channel Rinoa, wear a black unitard in a short style like this Capezio version and layer it underneath the cardigan.

Elsie Denim Button Through Mini Mid Blue Skirt, $26, Boohoo

Get yourself a buttoned denim mini skirt like this Boohoo version. Make sure to wear it high on your waist so that your biker-esque shorts peek underneath.

Volatile Black Stash Combat Boots, $41, Hot Topic

Rinoa would need some boots that are cool and functional. With these combat boots, she could stash vital supplies in the little pocket — perhaps a Phoenix Down in case of emergencies.

Serah Farron

Serah Farron is the younger sibling of Lightning, the lead female protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII. In this particular game, Serah finds herself in grave danger and Lightning embarks on a quest to save her. However, in Final Fantasy XIII-2, the tables are turned and Serah becomes the heroine and must attempt to find her sister when everyone else believes her to be dead. Serah's style is simple, feminine, and youthful.

Sleeveless Cotton Shirt, $13, H&M

A simply smart yet casual sleeveless shirt is Serah's choice of top.

Women's Sleeveless Chiffon Waistcoat, $19, Amazon

Layer a light-colored, sleeveless chiffon waistcoat on top of your shirt to replicate Serah's romantic style.

Royal Bones Red And Black Plaid Chiffon Skirt, $22, Hot Topic

Throw a slight punk element into the mix with this pretty, plaid skirt.

Gabriella Lux Stripe Top Hold Up Stockings, $11, Love Honey

Add these sporty stockings to your outfit. With their elasticated tops and hidden silicone strips, they'll stay put no matter what you get up to — hopefully you won't have to fight off any beasts like Serah!

Final Fantasy Serah Farron Engagement Pendant Necklace, $25, Etsy

Complete your Serah-inspired outfit with a replica of her awesome engagement necklace.

Adopt a futuristic style like these brave heroines and be lightyears ahead of the fashion crowd. Make the everyday more epic in Final Fantasy-inspired outfits!

Images: Square; Square Enix; tri-Ace; Boulotaur2025/YouTube; Courtesy Brands