Kim Kardashian Told Leno She Wouldn't Name Her Baby North

We thought Kim was all about the truth. She got an x-ray to prove she didn't have assplants. She agrees — wants even — to have her life to televised 24/7, and she goes on talk shows as often as they'll have her. So why on earth did she so flagrantly fake us all out when she told Jay Leno that North wasn't on their list of baby names?

Kim, your admission to Leno that "That is not true, [North] is not one of the names on our list," is messed up. You are famous for literally two things: That sex tape you made with Ray J, and your reality show where you sell your privacy for fame. So live up to your own job title here and don't lie to the fans. I mean, we thought your child's name was going to be Kaidence, so clearly our baby name expectations were set pretty darn low. You could've copped to North being a possibility.

So now Kardashian and Kanye West's baby is named North, and here we all were, innocently going along assuming the baby would have some other dumb name. So, as a result of the secrets and the lies (Oh, the lies, Kim!), the Internet is flipping out because North West came as a little bit of a shocker and it's a pretty crazy name. But Kardashian made her poor baby's bed, and now they're both going to lie in it.