Tom Hiddleston is Not Actually Eddie Redmayne's Twin & Other Celeb Double Takes

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Wait... hang on. Who is that again? It’s on the tip of my tongue. He was in that movie with Amy Adams. No wait. He was in Troy, right? This kind of confusion happens to the best of us — we get celebs confused all of the time (and we are all, in fact, turning into our mothers). Let’s set the record straight, Tom Hiddleston is Loki in Thor and The Avengers and Eddie Redmayne was in Les Mis. One slings, the other sings. HEY-OOOO! Both are dashing charmers from across the pond who have been popping up all over Hollywood these days and by the looks of things, we’ll be seeing a whoooooooole lot more of these fellas. Not that anyone is complaining. We just may be in a new wave of a Hollywood British Invasion (Thanks a lot, Cumberbatch. No really, that wasn’t sarcastic. THANK YOU).

Who would ever want to turn away from Hiddleston? Don’t worry Eddie, we’ve got EYES for you too (see what I did there?)... just, you know, don’t be upset if we confuse you from time to time with that other English actor with those piercing hazel orbs of enchantment and sharp facial features, and you know, all of that really, really good acting.

Alas, these classically trained Eton AND Cambridge alums (seriously? you went to the same prep school AND university? come on now, you’re just making this impossible) aren’t the only celebs we get jumbled up from time to time.

Here’s our list of most-likely-separated-at-birth celebrity twins.

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