Eva Mendes Takes Her First Selfie On Instagram And It's For An Amazing Reason

Remember when "selfie" was the word of the year in 2013? Look through your social media feeds, and you'll come across a handful of them, whether they're makeup shots, #ootd posts, or just a plain silly photo. And while it's the norm for most celebrities, some have taken a back seat, including Eva Mendes. However, the gorgeous mom and actress just broke her no selfie streak: Eva Mendes snapped her first selfie on Instagram for a good cause.

Scroll through Mendes' Instagram and you'll find posts during photo shoots, #tbt pics, and vintage photographs she's inspired by. You can also find slideshow videos of women wearing pieces from her spring line. Unlike most celebrity feeds, however, Mendes' account only contains 62 posts.

So when she uploaded her first selfie, the Internet naturally freaked out with excitement. The black and white selfie is indeed a beautiful photo of her, but it wasn't just a shot to show how pretty she is. If you look below, you can see her rocking a t-shirt that reads "Hopes and Prayers for Andrew Wilson." As for her caption, she urged her followers to click the link in her bio to donate, and one lucky winner who donates within the 48 hour time frame will receive the shirt she's wearing, autograph included.

Mendes also posted a photo of little Andrew separately, with a super sweet caption:

Props to you, Eva, for using your selfie powers for good!

Images: @evamendes/Instagram