8 Reasons Colton Haynes & Emily Bett Rickards Need To Date, Because They Already Have So Much In Common

As my fellow Arrow fans know, Felicity Smoak and Roy Harper are just friends on the hit CW series, but there's a good chance actors Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes are dating in real life. That's right, computer genius Felicity and superhero Roy (aka Arsenal) might be taking their friendship to a whole new level in the real world. Rickards and Haynes are constantly together and can't help but share their adventures on Instagram. Now, they have yet to confirm or deny they are indeed a couple. So, if they aren't, then let's talk about why they need to date.

In addition to being beautiful humans that just look like they'd make a great couple, Rickards and Haynes have a lot in common proving they'd be perfect as boyfriend and girlfriend. From being goofy to having loads of fun to traveling together to already having a pretty great friendship, it's clear why these two are meant to be. Also, let's face it, Arrow fans totally want a real-life Olicity to happen, which won't, because Stephen Amell is happily married. So, this is as close as we might get — and I'll happily take it.

With that said, here are eight reasons Rickards and Haynes need to date, stat.

1. Goofy Is Their Middle Name

They know how to have fun together and apart, which means as a couple, their fun level would be off the charts.

2. They Love To Travel

Seeing as these two love to travel — and do it all the time together — they'd probably explore the world even more as an adventurous twosome. Plus, since they've already vacationed together, there would be no surprises during the trip.

3. They Love Animals

If they can show an immense amount of love to animals, then they can also show all that love to one another. Also, who doesn't love bonding over adorable pets?

4. They Can Handle The Spotlight

As famous actors of a huge hit series, Haynes and Rickards know how to handle the paparazzi, red carpets, and the fact that their personal lives are something fans care about deeply.

5. They're Already Great Friends

If these two aren't dating, it's pretty clear that these two are great friends. Don't good friends sometimes make the best couple?

6. They're Close With Their Families

Since both of them are close with their families, they'd probably be very understanding when their partner needed to spend time with their loved ones.

7. They Know How To Defend Themselves... And A City

Thanks to Arrow, Haynes and Rickards could totally protect themselves during any situation, which is of utmost importance when it comes to dating.

8. They Are Freaking Adorable

Enough said.

Images: Ed Araquel/The CW