Did Mrs. D Know About Charles' 'PLL' Dollhouse?

by Kaitlin Reilly

There are so many unanswered mysteries on Pretty Little Liars that sometimes, it can be just as challenging to figure out what questions we should be asking as it is to deduce their actual answers. Luckily, the Season 5 finale of Pretty Little Liars did a good job at giving us the answer to one major mystery — the identity of A. We now know that Charles DiLaurentis is Big A, and while we still don't have a face to put to the name, there's a pretty good chance that he's Jason's twin, or at the very least a DiLaurentis sibling of some king. Of course, his identity isn't the only thing we need to learn — we also need to know who was helping Charles in his reign of terror as A. One person that's pretty high on the suspect list? The deceased Mrs. DiLaurentis — who might have helped Charles kidnap another girl, if those clothes Ashley Marin found in Ali's old room and that second yellow dress from the PLL Christmas episode are any indication.

The theory might sound absolutely crazy, but when has that ever stopped Pretty Little Liars from introducing another shocking twist? For those whose brains are still fuzzy on the subject, I'm first referring to the clothes that Hanna's mom found in Ali's bedroom in the Season 4 episode "Unbridled," which Ashley discovered were purchased only a day earlier.

Fans brains immediately went to Mrs. DiLaurentis knowing that Ali was alive and supporting her by bringing her new clothes. In fact, later in the episode, Mrs. D gives the clothes away to someone in the woods, but we never see their face.

We learn later on that Mrs. DiLaurentis believes Ali is dead, so it wouldn't have been possible for Ali to have received these clothes. In the next episode, "A Is For Answers," we see Cece wearing what seems to be the same top from the bag, which suggests that maybe it was Cece who received the clothes that night.

But maybe Cece wasn't necessarily the intended recipient for these clothes. We know that Cece is someone who can be bought: She was the one who allegedly murdered Wilden, helped Ali, and even met with Mona in Radley. There's no telling where her loyalties truly are, which suggests that perhaps she was given the clothes by Mrs. DiLaurentis but was supposed to pass them along to another party — like, say Charles.

Fans have long suspected that it was Charles who tried to kill Ali "that night," and that's who Mrs. DiLaurentis was trying to protect by burying Ali. But what if protecting Charles wasn't the only thing that Mrs. DiLaurentis was doing? What if she was also keeping herself safe by appeasing Charles and giving him a large "dollhouse" to play in — which sometimes included other kidnapped blondes?

It's an incredibly disturbing thought, but it's also one that makes some sense. Charles' dollhouse isn't something that could pop up overnight — clearly he's had that lair for a while, and he's meticulously decorated it to look like the rooms of his beloved "dolls," specifically Ali. What if it was Charles' intention to collect human dolls all along, and have them as his lifelong play things? Ali was his first obsession, maybe he tried to knock her out on the night that Bethany was murdered. He might not have wanted to kill Ali at all — he could have just wanted her to come "play" in his dollhouse.

It makes sense, especially considering that this isn't the first time we've seen Mrs. DiLaurentis give clothes away to someone under mysterious circumstances. In the Pretty Little Liars' Christmas episode "How The A Stole Christmas," Mrs. DiLaurentis makes a young Ali swear that she won't tell Ali's father about the two yellow dresses she found inside the piano. It's a very big deal for Mrs. DiLaurentis — what if the reason why it was so important for Ali to keep it a secret was because she didn't want Mr. DiLaurentis to know that she was supplying Charles with clothes? Perhaps Charles, who was still young at the time, wasn't dressing up a person in this case, but a life-sized doll — and when the doll wasn't enough for him, he moved onto real people. Mona certainly reminds us of Ali at the piano from that flashback...

Perhaps Charles had someone in his dollhouse for a long time after he moved on from plastic dolls and was collecting clothes for his living doll to wear from his mom. Mrs. DiLaurentis could have wanted to protect the mentally ill Charles so badly that she would appease even his most disturbing wishes, and hoped that by doing so, Charles might leave some of the people in her own life alone. It can't be a coincidence that Mrs. D was killed right after she sent an e-mail to someone telling them that she can't keep protecting them — perhaps Charles killed his own mother out of fear that she would oust his creepy dollhouse to the world.

A bag of clothes could be the biggest clue to Charles' sinister past, and hopefully we'll find out all of the answers when Pretty Little Liars returns for Season 6 on June 2.

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