The 9 Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Own, From T-Shirt Bras To Barely There Thongs

It’s just as important to have a comfortable bra for every day as it is to have a special occasion sexy bra. While I can’t change my undergarments 10 times a day to fit my different moods or activity levels, it is nice to have a variety to choose from so that I can comfortably combat the day ahead. So whether you’re looking for something cozy to wear at the office or something sleek to fit under a strapless dress, I’ve got you covered with my list of nine essential undergarments.

I am an undergarment fanatic; in fact, it’s a running joke that I have so much underwear I don’t need to do laundry for a year. The reason I love bras and panties so much is because they set the tone for my outfit. When I’m staying in on Sunday, I don’t match my undergarments and my outfit is more casual, but when I go out for dinner, my undergarments are put together and my outfit is more pristine. While this may not be the case for everyone, I do think having the right undergarments is necessary for a good outfit.

If you are due for a new bra or just love lingerie like me, scroll down to see my nine favorite undergarments that you should have in your underwear drawer, too.

1. The Comfortable T-Shirt Bra

I personally prefer a t-shirt bra with underwire, but depending on your breast size or whether you want more of a lift or not, wire is up to you. Just make sure to find one that is both comfortable and discreet — you don't want to be able to see it under your little white tee.

2. The Barely There Thong

There are some clothes that are so tight they even show thong lines. Instead of going commando, try a micro fiber thong in a nude tone.

3. The Strapless/Convertible Bra

Once you find a strapless bra that you don't have to tug on all night, stick with it, because finding a good strapless bra is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

4. The Cheeky Panty

The cheeky panty is more comfortable than a thong, and more sexy than a boy short. It is the "just right" panty for your everyday needs.

5. The Sexy Bra

The black lace bra is the lingerie equivalent to the little black dress. Every woman should have one because you never know when you might have a sexy date, and it's always good to be prepared.

6. The Sports Bra

Whether you work out daily or just hike on occasion, it's always smart to have a heavy duty sports bra. Also, seeing a sports bra in your underwear drawer is a great reminder to get moving!

7. The Push Up Bra

A girl can use some lift every now and again, so make sure you have an amazing push up bra on hand. If you are looking for a lot of cleavage, try a silicone padded bra, or if you want more subtle lift, try a demi cup bra with underwire.

8. The Tried-And-True Thong

This is that thong that you own 25 pairs of; it is lightweight and comfortable and it doesn't feel like butt floss. This is your everyday go-to, and more likely than not, it is some version of the Hanky Panky lace thong.

9. The Comfortable Combo

I like to think of this as your Sunday lounging lingerie. It's either your matching Calvin Klein's or your wireless bra and favorite boyshorts. Whatever the combo, make sure you have lingerie to do some serious lounging in.

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