Elie Tahari & Vespa Brooklyn Team Up For Some Limited Edition Scooters That Are Seriously Cool

Vespas have always been admired by the fashion industry (probably thanks to Audrey Hepburn's adventure in Roman Holiday), so it only makes sense that designers want to create their own line of scooters. Vespa Brooklyn and Elie Tahari have teamed up to create several adorable Vespas that are perfect for summer.

The scooters are the 2015 Vespa model, but with a brightly colored twist — the seats are decked out in Tahari's signature fabrics, including a mesh, a red neoprene and a blue silk, from his spring-summer 2015 collection. The sporty-chic line of Vespas are also emblazoned with Elie Tahari on the side, so no one has any confusion about whether you own a designer scooter.

The Tahari-designed Vespas will be on display at the Elie Tahari stores in East Hampton, SoHo and Fifth Avenue from Memorial Day until the Fourth of July, but fans will have to head to the Vespa Brooklyn store to purchase one. Even Tahari himself plans on buying one, telling WWD, "It is a fun thing for summer. My older brother used to have one when I was a kid. He still has one. Now I’m going to get the latest model and make him jealous.”

Image: Elie Tahari