9 Timeless Couples Tattoos To Declare Your Love For Each Other In A Totally Non-Cheesy Way

One of the most permanent things love birds can do together is get a tattoo for couples to symbolize their (seemingly) unending love for one another. This day in age, there are, of course, obvious methods of getting tattoos removed or altered should you make a decision wrought with regret, but opting for a timeless design that you could sport solo (should you ever have to) is also a great way to go.

If you ask me, the idea of stamping something permanent on your bodies is a totally romantic notion (without having to think about what happens if you don't end up staying together). Besides, maybe getting that matching ink will inspire you to remain a long-standing couple — as every time you look down at it, you'll remember why you fell in love in the first place.

The images you choose to bear on your body for the rest of your life are only one part of the whole couple's tattoo experience. Sharing the pain (or enjoyment, for some) together in the same room (or at least one after the other) is a memory you will always have that bonds you more than you would have thought it could.

Though I don't have a couple's tattoo with my husband, writing this piece and searching for photos of amazing-looking tatts-of-love definitely gets me inspired to consider it!

Here's a look at some creative, some ornate, and some simple ideas to inspire either your first or your next couple's tattoo — and get into the "bonded for life" mindset with the one you love.

1. Patterns

This newly-wedded couple seems to have gotten some ink on their honeymoon. I love how they're not exactly matching, but that what is a heart shape for the woman is a cool infinity-esque symbol for the man.

2. Royal Titles

There's no better way to describe the two of you together than as the King and Queen of each other's lives. And what a reminder for how to treat each other as well.

3. A Paired Concept Image

When you're seen together, it won't be hard to know you're a perfect pair with a tat like this one.

4. Infinity Symbol

This simple and elegant design says you're committed to each other without all the big frills. It's small enough to go on any part of the body you'd like, too.

5. Open And Closed Triangle

Another simple design, I love how this matching tattoo plays with the shape in its traditional female and male connotations: The woman is considered the open receiver and the man as the pointed giver. Simple biology, y'all.

6. Red String Of Fate

The Red String of Fate (or Marriage) is an East Asian legend in which the gods tie a red string around either the ankles or the pinkies of two lovers meant to be together. You can't get much more romantically thematic than that.

7. Tattooed Wedding Rings

For a couple looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding rings, these tattoos really make their mark. The ideas are endless for what you could do with something like this.

8. Nature-Inspired Images

You can't think of a bird without thinking of a tree, or vice versa. I love how this couple took the idea and made it unique to them.

9. Male And Female Animals

Similar to King and Queen, the lion and lioness as finger tattoos possess such strong imagery and symbolism of the majestic way this couple sees each other.

Images: s2_stattos, exclusive_jaz_/Instagram; Brokequan9378, 888infinito888, POPSUGARLove, JaneWho451, DepokCreative, blurboi, marissaaa_19, TapTooit/Twitter