'The World's Most Relaxing Film' Will Put Your Stressed Out Mind At Ease — Or It Will Put You To Sleep

Do you need to find your "place of peace and tranquility" as soon as possible? Kitten and puppy pics not cutting it anymore for that mid-workday stress? Experts on music therapy, mindfulness, and stress have weighed in, and they've helped the west coast of Denmark create The World's Most Relaxing Film. Coming to us via Hello Giggles, this entrancing seven-minute feature of Zealand (not to be confused with New Zealand) by Visit Denmark takes us on a journey through the countryside, into the forest, and along the beach.

No CGI here — there's apparently a place in the world that actually looks like this. Naturally, the Visit Denmark people are hoping that you'll drop everything, get on a plane, and go see this magical location for yourself. Although I haven't been to Denmark myself, who are they kidding? Travel is hugely expensive and stressful — so why bother when they've already brought the best parts of Denmark right to you? In a few more years, we'll probably have ubiquitous virtual-reality headsets that project the smells of these idyllic areas to you, too.

In general, watching television is a terrible way to relieve stress — it just causes viewers to feel (correctly) as though they've wasted tons of time, even to the point of feeling like a failure. But I have a sneaking suspicion that this particular viewing experience is different, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Sjællands Vestkyst on YouTube

Image: Visit Denmark