Men Are More Attracted To Your Brain Than Your Boobs, Says Scientist, But Don't Get Too Excited Yet

In some of the most refreshing news to come out of biological studies in a long time, an evolutionary biologist has found that men aren’t attracted to big boobs and long legs after all. According to Professor David Bainbridge, it’s all about the brain of a woman that matters most. For men, a women who was brought up by smart parents, was well cared for, and is brainy in their own right is what’s most attractive. Ok-aaay.

Excuse me while I scoff, roll my eyes, and laugh a bit.

OK. Done.

Bainbridge claims the reason that the brain is most attractive to men is because it proves that the woman will be a responsible mother. Bainbridge also says that the thinking that men prefer long legs is also wrong. Men just want a woman whose legs are straight and even in length, short or long will do ― because women with uneven legs are sooo prevalent in the 21st century? I know I see them all the time.

As Bainbridge told the DailyMail,

“Large breasts are more likely to be asymmetric and men are more attracted to symmetry. And they look older more quickly, and men value youth. And men are not looking for long legs. Straight legs are a sign of genetic health, so that is something that is more attractive, but surveys have shown most men prefer regular length.”

While I think it’s stellar that men are more into brains than physical features (as skeptical as I am about this), I do take issue with Bainbridge's suggestion that big breasts look old “more quickly.” As a woman with 38DD boobs, all I can say is, “Really?!” I mean, really?! Apparently, Bainbridge hasn’t been around too many sets of big breasts, if he can say such malarkey.

However, with the good news of the study also comes the bad ― the fact that yet again, men prefer youth and are therefore looking for a symmetrical young woman to make their wife. It's like these studies put to bed one insecurity only to trigger another. Personally, all I can say is eff it. As a big breasted 30-something woman, who would probably make for a bad mom, I'm not concerned, and neither should you be.

But let me roll my eyes one last time for good measure.

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