Hillary Tweets About Memorial Day, And She's Got The Right Message

Monday is Memorial Day, a holiday that marks a very solemn remembrance: all those American service members who lost their lives throughout our nation's history. And on Monday afternoon, likely the country's foremost presidential contender weighed in with her thoughts on the meaning of the day — Hillary Clinton tweeted a Memorial Day message, and it's the sort of thing almost anyone could agree with, regardless of politics.

Clinton's 2015 Memorial Day was far more involved than just sending out an appropriately commemorative tweet. She also marched in the Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua, New York, on Monday afternoon, alongside her ex-president husband Bill. The Clintons are no strangers to the New York hamlet, having kept a residence in there since leaving the White House in 2001, and she finished up the march by discussing her campaign's emphasis on early childhood education, as detailed by The Journal News.

In her tweet, which was sent out at 6:44 a.m., Clinton discussed the "sacred responsibility" of Memorial Day. It was marked with a -H at the end, which is meant to denote a tweet originating from Clinton herself, rather than her campaign. In other words, you at least know that she's got some experience as an early-riser.

Hillary's straightforward tweet sends a good message, to be sure, especially the part about sacrifice. Even though Memorial Day commemorates the soldiers we've lost, if you have a still-living veteran in your family, or close to you, be sure to voice your appreciation today. And be sure to take their issues seriously everyday, to make sure people who need and deserve care can get it. As detailed by the New York Daily News, Clinton told a reporter following the march where she wanted the focus to be.

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The nature of the tweet does show a clever campaign strategy, however. Having her staff manage and send the bulk of her tweets while she just jumps in for an occasion personal aside could be a politically advantageous way for her to engage on a variety of topics. Campaign staffers handling more official business, while Clinton chimes in on the news of the day. She did the same thing on Saturday, in a tweet congratulating Ireland for voting to legalize same-sex marriage.

Different candidates, obviously, responded to the big occasion differently. While Clinton and presumptive GOP candidates Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry decided to go the lo-fi social media route, while Florida Senator Marco Rubio (who's actually officially in the race) released a video — though it ended up being more about outlining some defense-related policy views than Memorial Day itself. Obviously, President Obama had a job to do today as well — he delivered a speech at Arlington National Cemetery Monday, dedicated to the memory of America's fallen soldiers.

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