Amanda Seyfried Is Mario Testino's Newest Towel Series Star, And Her Photo Is Oh So Sultry

More than just the weather is heating up this Memorial Day weekend. Amanda Seyfried joined Mario Testino's Towel Series, and the nude snap is plenty steamy.

Many celebrities including Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, and Gisele Bundchen have stripped down for the now infamous Testino Towel Series, and there's a new name to add to the genetically gifted roster. Seyfried posted the photo to her Instagram on Sunday, captioned "@mariotestino #towelseries #nationaltowelday." The 29-year-old poses shirtless and facing sideways towards the camera, wrapping her arms around her breasts and giving off some serious bedroom eyes. She's minimally madeup, and has her trademark, long blonde hair wrapped up in the towel, so the resulting shot is both natural as well as sultry. The Mean Girls actress is the 77th star to join the series, which always manages to produce beautiful and tasteful nude photographs — and Amanda's shot is just as stunning as those who came before her.

Following Seyfried's Vogue interview where she opens up about not wanting to be separated from her beloved dog, I was hoping we'd get a Finn shot in her Towel Series photograph. But if they need any ideas for a 78th star...

Images: Getty Images; mingey/Instagram