Clint's 'Bachelorette' Date Was Awesome

I've been watching The Bachelorette for years and I've seen all the standard dates: jumping off bridges, rappelling down buildings, hopping out of helicopters, etc. I'm sure at one point it was new and exciting, but now it's a little yawn. Fortunately on this week's Bachelorette episode, Kaitlyn and Clint went on an underwater date, and it totally shook things up. The unique one-on-one was dedicated to taking super cool photos underwater. You know, those mermaid-style engagement pics that are totally epic? Yeah, they did that.

The unique date was perfect for Clint, because he's a pretty quirky guy. You may remember him from night one as the guy who drew that amazing picture of Chris Harrison riding a dinosaur. If anyone deserved an otherworldly, underwater photo shoot it was him. Not only did Kaitlyn and Clint get to participate in a cool, out-of-the-norm date, but the pair actually really forged the beginning of a connection.

"I keep liking him more as time goes on," Kaitlyn admitted. Then the pair shared multiple kisses, one of them even took place underwater, which was a first for Kaitlyn. "This might be the best first date of my life," she said at the end of the night.

If all goes well for Clint and Kaitlyn they should get their wedding photos taken underwater and photoshop some dinosaurs in. It would be the perfect combination for this cool, quirky duo.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC