The 9 Quirkiest Food Inspired Shoes Because Foodies Want To Be Fashionable Too

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Fashionable foodies rejoice! You can now show your love of food by wearing food inspired shoes! Finally! Our love of food is now playing a big part in the fashion and beauty worlds, with huge design houses embracing food-inspired clothing.

It was only last year that powerhouse Moschino showcased its foodie fashion. Jeremy Scott took the reigns from Rossella Jardini and showed his food versus high fashion designs. Scott's autumn/winter 2014-15 collection included comedic references to McDonalds and showed women wearing cow print dresses paired with jackets that had "Drink Moschino" emblazoned on the back. It was utter genius.

IMO, fashion is at its most fabulous when designers push artistic boundaries and cleverly meld pop culture references with beautiful garments, like Moschino. So have fun with fashion and show the world your favorite foods while wearing food-inspired shoes.

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