The 7 Emotional Stages Of Using Dry Shampoo

It's probably safe to say that by now most of us understand the brilliance of using dry shampoo. And if you haven't used the single most important hair product of the century (IMO) yet, then I implore you: Get yourself a can and have at that compressed powdery glory we call dry shampoo!

But like most things when it comes to us humans, there are always some emotional reactions (rational? Irrational? You decide) that we experience when either trying new things or getting caught up in our habits.

I know I was pretty emotional (as in freakishly excited) when I found out that Target started selling my favorite brand of dry shampoo: Batiste. From my perspective, this is literally the best dry shampoo out there. (Side note: I was also insanely happy when Target brought out the U.K. store Boots brand and collection to its shelves.)

The point is, even with something as mundane (but still totally awesome) as dry shampoo, there are a few stages you go through when applying it. From the moment you realize it's needed to the volume rush it gives your newly-happy-again locks, there's a whole slew of thoughts that go through your mind. In an en effort to both poke fun of (at least myself) and give any newbies out there some instructional insight, here are the seven emotional stages of using dry shampoo.

1. Acknowledging The Need For A Wash

OK. So you get out of bed to get ready for work or school or whatever it is. You might even be getting ready to go out after work. Either way, you know your hair is getting a little greasy. I mean, a little bit of natural oil from your head will never hurt anyone, but there does come a time when your hair just looks limp and, well... dirty.

Usually this human phenomenon accompanies a sigh of despair, because how much more stuff could we be doing with our time besides washing our hair? My point exactly.

2. Deciding Against It

You realize you don't have the time to wash your hair; you can't even be bothered, or, well, it's not that dirty anyway. This is when you feel like, "Yes, I'll have 20 extra minutes to..." focus on your makeup, watch Netflix, call your mother. Heck, you might even be able to do your nails. You're pretty much a modern day time-saver hero.

3. Applying The Magic

When it comes that time in your routine to lift up sections of your hair and spray the dry shampoo, especially onto the parts closest to your head, it feels like a little hair fairy has just dusted a sprinkling of hair magic everywhere. And you couldn't be any happier to not be wetting your hair down and washing it in the shower. It's like a gust of fresh air for your locks from some alternate and mystical realm that's just opened up in your bathroom.

4. Realizing The Residue Ruin

It never fails. You know the ending here, but when you see that powdery white material just kind of sitting in your hair in random patches, you think, "Oh no! Perhaps I should have just taken a darn shower!" There's a bit of brief regret and a minor freak-out for not remembering to aim the can a little further away from your head so as to not let so much residue appear. But, not to worry, it doesn't last long.

5. Appreciating Some Serious Brush Love

You're smart, and grab your brush or comb and run it through your sprayed hair several times. "Ah, much better," you realize. "That was close." You notice how the dry shampoo absorbs the excess oil in your hair, and all your worries are dashed away by each stroke of your brush. That time-saving superhero mentality is all coming back now.

6. Feeling The Freshness

Light and fresh like the hair of a goddess, you can instantly feel how smooth your hair is now as you run it through your fingertips. A shampoo and blow dry in a can, that little piece of heaven that is your hair product is your savior. And depending on the brand, you just can't help but get a good whiff of your favorite scent you've just applied. Time to rock whatever hairstyle you're wanting to do now — or just leave it down in all its fresh glory.

7. Smiling In The Mirror

What's not to smile about? You've just given your hair a complete do-over in five minutes tops. That's worth a celebration! And maybe even a giggle as you practice your best Pantene hair swoosh in the mirror. Your 'do is positively perfect, with its fresh smell, extra volume, and airy bounciness, and you've got extra time to spare. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Job well done, princess.

Images: Christie Drozdowski; Giphy