9 Statement Maternity Tees That You'll Actually Wear Out Into The Real Human World

Among many other things, one minor reason that I couldn't wait to get pregnant for was for the cute maternity fashion that I was going to be able to wear. I mean, any excuse to buy oneself a whole new wardrobe, right? It doesn't matter if you're pregnant or not, shopping is still a heck of a lot of fun!

I say all this because I am currently pregnant expecting my first child, and at 22 weeks, clothes and shopping still remain predominant interests and hobbies of mine. The only difference, of course, is that I'm starting to get literally obsessed with scouring out all the cutest baby clothes in every story I walk into now. It's like shopping just got that much better, because now I have a reason outside of myself to buy things!

Maternity clothes have come a long way since the many versions of "the frock" of yesteryear. And though I'd love to have a few vintage maternity fashion pieces, I'm glad that our clothes aren't as limited to just one aesthetic anymore.

I'm a massive fan of wearing t-shirts, as I'm mostly quite a casual dresser. Graphic tees have always been a staple in my drawer, so it's no exception when it comes to maternity wear. And even though having a "baby bump" is a statement in itself, I've found nine sartorial ways you can make your bump speak as loudly as you want with these adorable maternity tees.

1. I Make Cute Babies

I Make Cute Babies Maternity Tank, $12, Motherhood

As if you're not already going to think your baby is just the most adorable ever, here's one way to exclaim to everyone that your little one is going to be the cutest. It's also a beautiful statement of pride in what you've accomplished in creating a tiny human — how much more body positive can you be, right?

2. Due In...

Due In... Maternity Tank, $10, Motherhood

You can get this tank for whatever month your actual due date is in, but I chose to showcase September as that's when my little one is coming. The question you get tired of hearing is no longer even needed when you're wearing this cute tank.

3. Motherhood Is My Muse

Motherhood Is My Muse Racerback Maternity Tank, $34, Nordstrom

Obviously motherhood (or the prospect of motherhood) is not the only reason why we women get stuff done, but it is one of the great reasons some of us do. When it comes to our children, we'll usually do whatever it takes, and I like this tank's ode to that fearless mentality. Man, I love being a woman.

4. I'm Yours And You're Mine

Motherhood Maternity Short Sleeve Graphic Tee, $15, Macys

What better way to declare the connection you have with your baby growing inside you? It's pretty incredible when I think about how literally everywhere I go and in everything I do, I'm carrying around a little person with me who will one day grow up to be their own person. But for now, we're sharing the most intimate bond I've ever known.

5. Hello, You

A Pea in the Pod Maternity Short Sleeve Tee, $15, Macys

There's no greater desire I've had when pregnant than meeting the baby who's been growing inside. But I also like how this tee seems to be expressing a greeting to yourself as the beautiful mommy you are becoming.

6. You're On My Wishlist

Motherhood Maternity Three-Quarter-Sleeve Ribbed Tee, $13, Macys

There are about a bazillion things that we as women wish for. Keeping your little one on your priority list is both admirable and doable despite the many demands our modern world puts on us. I think it's great to remind yourself that your baby is something you truly desire — not something you're just doing to be doing.

7. La Petite Fille

Frenchie — It's a Girl Maternity Tee, $62, Nordstrom

One of the biggest statements to make while pregnant is whether your baby is a boy or girl, and what cuter way to show up to your reveal party (or photoshoot) than having a tee that tells all — and who doesn't love the French language for a fashionable twist? This shirt also comes in a " C 'est un garçon" version to declare it's a boy.

8. 'Tis The Season

Holiday Graphic Maternity Tee, $27, Macys

The holiday season is, as the song says, the happiest time of year, and it just might make everyone a little happier if you announced you were pregnant in a shirt like this one.

9. I'm So Crafty, I Make People

Maternity "I'm So Crafty, I Make People" T-shirt, $28, Zazzle

My personal favorite of the bunch, this tee goes all-out in announcing how amazing you are to be making a person! It's not all smiles and oohs and aahs; it's hard work carrying a baby around for nine months, and I think mothers everywhere deserve attention for doing something both difficult and wonderful in equal measure. For me? It's probably my most creative and crafty endeavor yet!

Images: Courtesy Brands