13 Stunning And Body Positive Maternity Photos

One of my closest friends is pregnant and she looks absolutely incredible. Pregnancy is just such a beautiful thing, so let's honor it! Thus why I have compiled a collection of body positive maternity photos to celebrate all the beautiful bumps out there. My friend absolutely adores her bump (and so do I!) and many other women worldwide are showing off their gorgeous tums, loud and proud. Pregnancy is such a natural thing after all, so why not show how amazing your body is and all the magical things it can do?

The human body itself is awesome. It transforms as we grow into adults and it can become many different things throughout our lives, including taut, curvaceous, muscular, larger, smaller, smooth, hairy, and all things in between! No matter what skin you're in, you should feel super proud of your body and the journey on which you have both travelled together. It has led you to who you are today.

I wanted to find other women out there who (like my friend) are totally in love with their baby bellies and are flying the flag for body positivity for all. Plus, I wanted to demonstrate that you don't have to be a pregnant celeb wearing a couture dress to look sensational. It doesn't matter if you're pregnant, have been in the past, want to be in the future, or never want children, though. These wonderful women can teach us all a thing or two about loving our bods!

1. The Statement Tee

I love this picture! This statement t-shirt is witty and is sure to raise a smile from anyone. I really like the fact that this tee pokes fun at a well-known, body negative statement and changes the meaning, turning this top into a body positive shirt... Her tum looks big and beautiful!

2. Maternity Henna

Baby bump art looks so much fun. If/when I get pregnant I definitely want to try this. I didn't think it was possible, but somehow the henna illustration makes this baby bump look even more amazing. Maternity henna is an awesome way to decorate your tummy.

3. Swim Season

Wow! Model Nicole Trunfio is an absolute baby mama bombshell! She exudes confidence and proud mom-to-be vibes, which I think makes her look drop dead gorgeous. Make the most out of being pregnant like Ms. Trunfio and flaunt your stunning bump because it won't be there forever!

4. Stripes All Around

"Curvy girls can't wear stripes." Pah! This mom-to-be has thrown the body shaming rule book out the window by wearing this horizontally striped dress. It's about time more people started breaking these ridiculous and downright outrageous "rules" and proving them wrong — this woman looks fabulous and fashionable as she rocks the nautical trend.

5. Just Swimmingly

Meesh Sparks looks divine in her navy swimsuit and sun hat. She let go of her "insecurities and fear" and leaves other pregnant Instagrammers wise words on her caption, "I hope other women out there, no matter your size, learn to embrace the change!"

6. Lace And Peekaboo

Are you worried about being pregnant on your wedding day? Don't be. Just look at this stunning woman. I love how her gown is cut to follow the curve of her bump and then flare out prettily at the skirt. Don't hide away on your big day — show off your stunning body in style.

7. Mermaiden

This could be my favorite body pos maternity pic ever! This woman has been transformed into a "mermommy." I imagine this is what Ariel would look like pregnant. Honestly, Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to "miss out on all the fun," as this gal proves in her magical, mermaid tail.

8. Beach Vibes

This is a body pos maternity snap of the highest calibre. Ms. Vanessa Blas is pictured here in her maternity shoot wearing a pretty, purple bikini, proving that there is no such thing as a "bikini body" because every body is a bikini body!

9. Surf's Up

What a cool chick! Not only is she also flaunting her bump in a bikini like Ms. Blas, but this siren is going surfing. Dismiss all the old wives' tales, too, and do what makes you and your baby happy. Pregnant women don't come with fragile stickers on them — we should all stop fussing and let them enjoy their pregnancy the way they want to.

10. Flowing Beauty

I love this idea for a maternity shoot. With its Midsummer Night's Dream vibes featuring an ethereal fairy queen, it shows that if you enjoying dressing up, you should still dress stylishly when you're pregnant. Don't retire the fancy dress box to the attic just because you have a bump; embrace it! There are tons of creative, fancy dress ideas for pregnant women as well.

11. Flower Power

Marleah Schoepp oozes feminine chicness in a flower power printed top — such a lovely, pretty way to wear maternity clothes. Don't hide away in Plain Jane outfits, show off your bump with pride like Marleah.

12. Regal

Angela Sermons shows expecting moms how to get the Hollywood starlet look in this exquisite, scarlet gown. With her Jessica Rabbit curves and off-the-shoulder-dress, this foxy lady shows you don't have to go frumpy just because you're a mom.

13. Decorated Bump

Plus-size future mom Angelica Garcia snapped her wonderfully adorned baby bump at her baby shower, showing that it's great to draw attention to the beautiful miracle you're making!

Hopefully these women will inspire you to go against the grain and kick body negative fashion "rules" to the curb. Every body is beautiful and you, too, should proudly show yours off like these stunning pregnant women. If these babes can overcome roller coaster emotions and rapidly changing bodies and still be proud of how they look, then you should, too!

Images: Getty; mamagamaworld, cakematernity, nictrunfio, fancyfaced, healthyfatchick, macebridal, manditierra, vblas, long_arina, thebubclub, marscheps, angelasermons, angieisking/Instagram