Icona Pop's New Single "Emergency" Is Crazy Fun

Since 2012, Icona Pop have been making you dance and shout, "I don't care, I love it!" Now international pop stars, the Swedish synth duo are once again pumping out the earworms that just won't quit with Icona Pop's new single, "Emergency." It's a short and sweet number that has one motive and one motive only: DANCE. The lyrics are all about shaking what your mama gave you, with absolutely no holds barred. In short, it's your new favorite song to blast while getting dressed in the morning, road tripping with your BFF's, and, of course, while hitting the dance floor. It'll put you in a good mood and make you hit replay all day long. It's just that catchy, y'all.

"Emergency" also combines some seriously jazzy grooves that would place the song on the top of Jay Gatsby's party playlist. When it comes to summer hits, Icona Pop have mastered the art of giving people what they want — something that just oozes with fun without being overly saccharine. It'll be that song that you hear at a friend's BBQ and find yourself unable to stop dancing to. Then you hear it while out shopping one day, and then it's everywhere, and that is A-OK by you.

Listen to the song below.

And now let's break down the dance anthem lyrics, gif by gif.

So you wanna party, so you wanna dance

You better know someone that fights with one of our friends

You wanna get higher, shake that ass

Spinning round and round, and around and round like that

I put a little twist in my hips, kiss on my lips, ice on my wrist

Cause I'm hot and I'm dancing, caught that romancing

Can't sell the plants and girls hide your men, cause I'm hot and I'm dancing

This is emergency, call an ambulance, someone rescue me

Everybody in the street, if you wanna get up, get down like this

Hallelujah, oh mercy me, convince your senses, you're telling on your knees

And I'll be good to you, if you're good to me

And we can go on and on, on and on, and on and on

Images: forever-sea; alliwantisklaine; passive-insomniac/Tumblr, giphy, lets-becrazy-together;bluekulele; littleanimalgifs; bethgittings; helloallyg/Tumblr, giphy, bowtiesare---cool; gifloop/Tumblr