F. Scott Fitzgerald's House Is For Sale, So You Should Buy It And Start Living Like Jay Gatsby Immediately

If you’re house-hunting, get ready to throw some seriously lavish parties, because F. Scott Fitzgerald’s house is for sale. According to the The Wall Street Journal, the luxury Long Island home where Fitzgerald began writing The Great Gatsby is going for a cool $3.9 million — so, got any spare cash lying around? The house is gorgeous, and it’s a literary treasure; it’s going to make some lucky millionaire very happy.

Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda lived in the beautiful Mediterranean-style house in the 1920s, and socialized a lot with their wealthy neighbors. Sound familiar? It’s likely the extravagant parties at Jay Gatsby’s house weren’t entirely fictional. Living in this house would make you into a real-life Daisy Buchanan; you could dress like her, do your hair like her, learn to talk like her... I might be getting carried away here.

Seriously, though, this is exciting news. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote roughly three chapters of The Great Gatsby in one of these seven bedrooms, and now you can buy the place where it all went down. Let me repeat that: You can buy F. Scott Fitzgerald’s house. His actual house! It’s been updated over the years, but many of the original features are still in place — like the wood-burning fireplace that Fitzgerald and Zelda probably sat elegantly next to in the evenings, and the very same windows they looked through to admire the Great Neck neighborhood.

I for one sincerely recommend selling all your possessions and buying this prime piece of real estate; if you don’t, I will.

Image: YouTube