This Makes Someone 2x More Likely To Be A Cheater

Although there are many factors as to why someone might cheat, a new study has found that maybe infidelity is in the blood. Even if you don’t have the usual human attributes that lead one to cheat, like narcissism, the inability to show restraint, or a fading interest in your partner, you still might be doomed. You might be totally happy in your relationship, but because of your family, you might just end up joining the ranks of cheaters. I guess you have mom and dad to blame for this one. The study of 300 college students found that 30 percent of them had cheated on a romantic partner at one point, and that 33 percent had had one of their parents cheat on the other, with men being a bit more guilty of the betrayal. When they looked at the 33 percent who had had one or both parents commit infidelity, it was found this group was twice as likely to cheat on a partner compared to those whose parents managed to stay faithful.

The researchers also found that those with parents who cheated, weren’t any more for or against cheating. It seemed that despite their parents' behavior, their feelings on infidelity didn’t waver, as in they didn’t think cheating was okay more than those whose parents never cheated, but at the same time, they still remained more likely to commit infidelity themselves. Perhaps, we have an “I learned it by watching you” mentality going on here?

Scientifically, why children of cheaters are more likely to cheat is still something researchers have yet to fully unravel. The thinking is that, perhaps, there’s a proximal predictor factor of cheating, but it’s still not a 100 percent reason for the behavior. All the scientists do know for sure is that your likelihood for disappointing your partner with your straying ways is pretty high if mom and dad did the same. Since that’s the case, maybe you owe it to your partner to tell them you’re probably, almost definitely, twice as likely to cheat, not because you’re a narcissistic sex addict, but it’s just what your family does. I’m sure that will go over really well.

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