How To Wear Leather Pants This Summer, Inspired By Gwyneth Paltrow's Pair

Who better to take summer outfit inspiration from than Gwyneth Paltrow, right? Especially when it comes to less traditional dressing like, say, how to wear leather leggings in the summer. After all, Paltrow is pretty fabulous at making a simple outfit come together with a single statement piece. Paltrow was spotted in LAX in leather leggings and a striped sweater — but it somehow still seemed warm-weather appropriate.

The star took a classic black and white style approach to her outfit and then added some laid back accessories for a fun summery feel. The top of her look had a preppy feel with her bubble gum pink, cat eye Kate Spade sunnies and Saint Laurent stripped cashmere sweater. Paltrow's Chanel bag added some pretty color to make the ensemble feel even on point for summer.

Leather pants are hard to pull off at the start of summer, but Paltrow's Helmut Lang leather leggings are the perfect way to try the trend. They're slightly more lightweight than actual leather pants, but still give off the same punk effect. She paired the pants with black, high top Converse that made the look just as edgy as it did comfortable, which is really all we're looking for in a traveling outfit. With her contrasting style, this look made for a summer style to try.

The leather pants look is not the most traditional summer attire, but the styling can make all the difference. Start by finding a great pair of leather leggings and go from there. Here are a few suggestions for how to style leather after the weather has warmed up.

1. Classic Black & White


Use a light tank top to add a breezy, slightly boho feel to an edgy look. The black and white color scheme stays grounded, but the accessories are what really make this outfit come to life.

2. Polished Graphic Tee


Black leather a bit much for you in the summertime? Try a white pair instead! Add a darker graphic tee to continue to play up the rocker vibe of this staple.

3. Pretty In Pastel


Take a light, girly approach to leather this summer by pairing it with your favorite pastels. The lighter colors balance the boldness of the trendy summer pant.

4. '90s Inspired


With so many awesome '90s trends coming back into style, try adding a choker and platform sandal to a leather shorts look. The shorts make for the perfect way to ease into the summer trend and the bright pop of color will lighten up the outfit.

5. Beach Day Look


Yes, you can wear leather to the beach — especially if it's for a post-sunset party. A breezy, classic top and boho accessories keep it from feeling way too harsh.

Images: Kaspars Grinvalds/Fotolia; Polyvore (5)