Blake Lively Has Designed The Perfect Summer Dress

Blake Lively’s at it again! Continuing along her fashion design path, Blake Lively and Amour Vert designed a dress that is absolutely adorable. I mean, of course it is. We should expect nothing short of greatness from The Age of Adaline star, am I right?

No matter how much is expected of her, she always delivers. Always. First, she designed a rose-patterned top with Lindsey Thornberg that was effortless and chic. And now, a dress that should probably be the photo in the dictionary next to "summer sundress." Ugh, it’s so perfect I almost can’t stand it. I said almost, guys. Because I mean, who am I kidding, I definitely want one of these for myself.

The top half of the dress is white and features a little cut-out in the middle while the bottom half is pale pink with a black and white semi-circle print. It’s like a modernized version of polka dots, and trust me, it’s perfection. The dress is 100 percent silk, too, so it’s a luxurious fabric, but it’s light and has plenty of movement.

This dress is great for casual summertime backyard get-togethers or for more formal events like engagement parties and the like, because it is wedding season, after all. And good news — you can buy this Blake Lively and Amour Vert design via Lively's own Preserve blog today!

The dress costs $230, but hey, that’s not bad for a dress you’re sure to wear all summer long. Silk is generally even more expensive, so it's kind of a steal (kind of). Plus, Blake Lively co-designed it. Really, how could you resist?